Volupté: Compacts, Cigarette Cases, Purses and Limited Jewelry Lines

My main interest is and always will be estate vintage jewelry. Most of my offerings in my shop are from well known designers who are familiar to most collectors of vintage and antique jewelry. I just love it when I come across something in an estate which I have to research because it is from a designer who is not one with whom I am familiar. It helps me to learn and keeps my interest in the collecting area.

It is of particular interest to me when I come across a design mark from a company who is not known for their jewelry but for some other ladies fashion accessory. Suce was the case recently with the manufacturer Volupté.

Volupté is a company which was founded in 1926 in Elizabeth, NJ. They are most well known for their extensive range of compacts. The company also produced jewelry, chatelaines, pill boxes, atomizers, purses, and cigarette cases. The company is perhaps most famous for their line called "Golden Gestures", an interesting group of hand shaped compacts that they produced beginning in 1946.

The company's jewelry line was only produced for only a very short period of time and is quite rare and hard to find. Most of the items were made in gold tone and silver tone metal.

I have just procured a wonderful demi parure by Volupté from a recent estate purchase and just love it! The demi consists of a brooch and matching pair of clip back earrings in gold tone metal fashioned in the shape of a leaf with interesting gold tone rope swirling details. I am delighted to have this true collector's piece!

Carol Speake
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