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Ruby Plaza is probably a new site for you and there are lots of tools at your fingertips for enhancing your browsing and shopping experience. Whether you're just out for a stroll on Ruby Plaza to browse the 1000's of items for sale in the shops or out on a mission, searching for a specific item, you might find the Wish List to be a handy tool.

Let's say you find an item of interest. If you click the Add to Wish List button the button changes to On Wish List and now it's saved for your future viewing. Did you know that if you click on the On Wish List button you have options and preferences you can set? You can set the length of time the item will remain on your list and whether you want automated emails sent if the item is changed by the seller. These email are sent if the seller changes the price or the description or adds new pictures. You can also add a remark for the seller like; I'm looking for this item, only in green. However, keep in mind that the seller is not privy to your email address and has only one chance to respond back to you, so if the seller responds that they don't have a green whatever and then gets one the following week, they have no way to know who you are or how to reach you.

From this point on, if you want to view the items you've saved you can click the Wish List link at the top of any Ruby Plaza page and it shows the items you've saved along with a picture and detail of the item as well as a link to the item and to the shop's home page. You might also find a line that reads; 'Shop Owners Remark'. What's this? Well let's go back a few steps.

When you place an item on your Wish List, that item is also added to a list called Buyers Wish Lists which only that seller can see. It shows the seller that someone has placed one of their items on a wish list. It is anonymous and does not show any personal information. The seller has no access to your name or email address and has no way to contact you directly. Some dealers don't watch to see if any of their items are being added to wish lists. Other dealers offer specials on items that are on wish lists. They might offer free shipping or a discounted price, often these are time sensitive specials. The seller has only one chance to leave a comment and once it has been left it can't be modified or deleted unless the item is removed or sold. So how do you know if you've been offered a special of some sort? Well we go back to the original situation. You've gone back to look at an item on your wish list and see the line 'Shop Owners Remark'. Click on it and see what the seller has to say. Remember, this does not come in the form of an email or a flashing icon, in fact there is no notification at all. It is your responsibility to go back and look at the items on your wish list once in a while.

So next time you find something special that you want to think about, use the tools available and put it on your Wish ListÂ….who knows, maybe a little incentive might be offered that will help you make up your mind.

Debra Helton

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