Sometimes A Replacement Treasure Can Help

My whole life seems to be geared toward others, and I wouldn't change a thing about it, really. Customers in the store, guests in the motel, people who need vehicle roadside service, renters, family, and of course all the furry and wooly critters at home and on the farm. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are things I already enjoy. Hubby and I live in a 24/7, no days off, world. We work hard to keep our heads above water, drive old rusty vehicles, wear our clothes to rags, and are well aware that not everyone is as lucky as we are. We help out others where we can.

There are only a couple of things that I deeply desire for myself. These things mean a lot to me for a variety of reasons. I search for them when it crosses my mind, or when I find myself in a particular type of store, on-line or brick and mortar. One, which I've wanted for nearly 30 years, is an original manuscript of The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. (if I never find one, I hope I'll always want one!) The other is probably one of a series, of children's religious books. I was age 4 or 5 and would sneak up to the attic (which was expressly forbidden) and read this little book about a girl named Therese (Saint Therese?), and her little guardian angel who's name was Whoopsie. (in the story the angels name was not pronounceable) It's probable that these two things will never be found, or I'll never be able to afford them. That's OK, though. The search itself may be the treasure for me, as it keeps fresh in my mind certain special things.

For those other times, when someone has lost a deeply treasured item, there are collectible shops and antique stores to help. Once I actually had the opportunity to return an heirloom. They were thrilled when I dropped the price to only what I had paid. That piece had been sold decades before, auctioned twice and finally ended up in my store from an estate sale. It had traveled through 3 states, then ended up about 10 miles from it's original home.

I've been thinking a lot about the natural disasters, over the years, that have left people aching for something that was destroyed. Certainly life and health are the most valuable things to have. But sometimes the grief of losing grandma's favorite turkey platter that was passed down to you, can be overwhelming. At the very least it's the sort of thing that can choke a person up unexpectedly, even years later. Whether it was an accident or a force of nature that took your precious item, sometimes you really just have to replace it in order to move on.

In this world of endless avenues of information, one can search the world by simply poking in a question on the computer. For myself, giving up the quest is out of the question. The search itself means too much to me. And I don't have a need to move on. For others, a loss can be a stumbling block. It can stop a person from moving forward in their life.

Don't get obsessed, but don't give up either. One of us might have that special something for you. Keep looking, because......Sometimes A Replacement Treasure Can Help.

Elizabeth Allison

The Other Place, ABC Shop on Ruby Lane