Smoky "Topaz": A Common Gemstone Identification Error

Quartz occurs in a rainbow of colors. Pale beige, tan, and brown shades of Quartz may be called Smoky Quartz, or Smokey Quartz. A very dark variety of the material, from the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland may be referred to as Cairngorm.

These brownish shades of Quartz are sometimes incorrectly represented as Smoky Topaz. Topaz is a totally different mineral than Quartz. No variety of Quartz may be called Topaz, and the use of the term Smoky Topaz, or Smokey Topaz, is prohibited on Ruby Lane. There is some color overlap between Quartz and Topaz, and some of the tan or beige colors may be seen in Topaz. This material may be identified as Topaz, Brown Topaz, Light Brown Topaz, Tan Topaz, or Beige Topaz, when appropriate. You may use any number of color names to describe the material, with one prohibition: Do not call it Smoky Topaz!

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