Shop Owners: Refer A Shop & Benefit from the Current Fee Waived Promotion

As many of you may know, currently Ruby Lane is conducting a promotion where new shops who sign up between now and October 31st, 2012 will have the $75 shop set-up fee waived. This is a reminder that current shop owners can benefit from this attractive promotion by referring a shop, and receiving the Ruby Lane Shop Referral Fee.

Why Refer A Shop?
While it is a secondary focus to bringing quality buyers to the site, Ruby Lane considers it extremely important to attract quality shops. While some shops may view the addition of new shops as a form of potential competition, the vast majority of buyers tell us that they appreciate the dynamic, one-stop shopping experience they get on Ruby Lane as opposed to smaller sites with much less inventory to choose from, thus offering a less exciting buying experience.

Shops receive the following credit amounts, which are based on the length of time the referring shop has been continuously on Ruby Lane at the time the new shop is opened:

Referring Shops open 1 year or less: $40
Referring Shops open more than 1 year but less than 2 years: $60
Referring Shops open between 2 and 5 years: $80
Referring Shops open more than 5 years: $100

How Will Ruby Lane Know When I Have Referred A New Shop?
We ask each new shop owner when they request to open "Who referred you?" The referred shop must input your shop's name or nickname at the time they request to open in order for your shop to get the credit, so please be sure they have it when referring them.

NOTE: This program is automated. We cannot accept requests for Referral Bonus after a shop has opened - there are no exceptions. An existing shop cannot receive referral credit for opening a second shop, even if their shops are not linked. The credit will be issued at the time when the referred shop is approved and officially opened on the site.

If you know of other great sellers whom you feel would be a good fit on Ruby Lane, we appreciate your referrals during this generous promotion.

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