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Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza Shop Owners - Come join us and chat on the Vintage Village – A great place to promote your Ruby Lane and/or Ruby Plaza Shop, give and get tips for selling, share with other Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza shop owners and more. Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza are there actively offering tips and answering questions. There are currently over 80 members in the Ruby Lane group, and 77 in the Ruby Plaza group - and the numbers are growing every day. There are lots of active threads to give and get input. Of course for those who prefer, you can simply join and view and learn. "See" you there!

You'll find the Ruby Lane group at:
Vintage Village Ruby Lane Group

You'll find the Ruby Plaza group at:
Vintage Village Ruby Plaza Group

For Ruby Plaza shops that don't sell vintage but instead sell new items - please join us - this forum is designed to build camraderie and help you with your sales success regardless of the items you offer.

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