The Gift - 7 Pearls for 7 Girls - Daughters, Grand-daughters and ME!

It is that time of year again when gift giving is on every one's mind. I always like to give something wish special meaning, not just a gift that only means there you are you got your Christmas gift for this year, you know what I mean like a gift certificate or pair of socks with a tie to match. Our USA has gotten so commercialized, it's sad. After Thanksgiving I was on my way home from my daughter's house and decided to stop at a Walmart store. I met a lady who worked at this store stocking shelves. We got to talking and she began to share with me about her black Friday experience. She told that after she worked her first black Friday she would never work another one. She told me when they opened the doors for the customers to come in, and there was a huge crowd waiting for the doors to open, she saw three women get teeth knocked out and another lady received a broken jaw. one female manager was sitting on top of some cell phones that were on sale and the crowd literally knocked her to the floor. Ten other customers who received tickets so they could buy one of the ten trampolines that were on sale never got one to purchase, because the people were just pushing and grabbing. The police had to be called in at this store to bring the crowd under control. What has happened to the spirit of love and giving Jesus taught.

We have truly forgotten the real meaning of Christmas and turned it into a commercialized time of year while we turned our backs on it's real meaning and purpose. I wanted a precious meaningful gift to give to the girls in our family. I had a 14K gold Mikomoko brooch with seven beautiful pearls on it. I decided to take the brooch to a Jeweler and have the pearls removed so sterling bails could be put on them. I scraped the gold which helped pay for the jewelers work. I have exactly 7 daughters and granddaughters with myself included, just the number of pearls on the brooch. I'm making necklaces with the seven pearls for each of us girls. I have a picture of the brooch, included with this blog, that I'm giving a copy of to each girl along with a letter telling them about the brooch and what the pearls mean to each of us. I realized when I picked the pearls up that each one had a small imperfection even though they are the best pearls in the world. I told this to the girls and told them that is why we need to accept each other because none of us are perfect. Now when we each wear the  pearl necklace we can be bound together by love.

Sandra Compton


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