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As Christmas draws near I hear more and more people in my every day life making comments about, "getting ready for the Holidays". It's not unusual, after all, to the majority of people the Holiday Season doesn't start until the week before Thanksgiving when the gearing up of the food and friends, family and gifts and all the other things that we get to enjoy through the next several weeks begins.

What does surprise me though is when I hear people in this business make similar comments at this time of year. From people on antiques and collectibles discussion boards asking "When do you start listing for Christmas season" to the people that are running the sites our very businesses depend on for exposure. In the last week or two I've seen so many comments about, gearing up for the holidays, that my head is about to explode.

So instead of answering each and every person with the same note I decided to sit down and write a little bit about "Christmas Season" and what it means to me and thousands of other sellers online and off. I suspect the old sellers will be nodding in agreement and I hope the newer sellers will learn a little from my experience.

Christmas season doesn't start and end in December for us. Christmas season begins in August, or at the very latest in September. August is a month to prepare for the post summer slowdown and the increase in sales volume as people start to think about the holidays. Yes. People think about the Holidays as early as September. This is why we all notice the Christmas decorations in the shops before Halloween has even come and gone! If you are new to selling antiques and collectibles online, or if you own or work for one of the many online sales venues, please note, all preparations for Christmas season should be complete by the end of September at the very latest.

So, now that Thanksgiving has come and gone and we've already Geared up for the Christmas Season - "What's next?" - I hear you ask? Well, now we work the Christmas season - we list, we pack, we ship, we continue to buy inventory and list it and pack it and ship it and some day, we'll get to sit down for five minutes and take a breather... or not!

This cycle is repeated over and over again through the coming weeks until Christmas is finally upon us, our customers and loved ones are opening their antique and collectible gifts, or sitting down to a splendid table of vintage china and glassware for their Christmas (or other celebratory) dinner. Surely now we get to rest right? Wrong.

As the post-Christmas season gets into full swing the Christmas Cash starts being spent, all those items that people couldn't afford to buy themselves are now attainable with the few dollars they might have received through the Christmas season. Not to mentiot the Tax return checks that will begin rolling in and keep on going until the end of April.

April, can you believe it's April already? Where did the time go! Just a minute ago I swear it was Christmas. Time to put your feet up and take a breather. Christmas season is finally over, the shelves are bare, the shipping supplies low the cookies are very much all gone.... all we have to do now is start shopping for next season!

So you see, some of us live in a different reality, where Christmas begins in September and ends in April. You should join us some time and let the merriment begin!

Helen Gilbert

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