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Over the years I've had many people ask lots of questions on how to get started selling on the internet.  Often, the first thing they say is,"Do you have to be computer savvy?".  And that really seems to be the biggest obstacle that every person has to tackle and overcome.
When I first wanted to get started, I asked my husband to help me.  BIG mistake!  His profession is as a Computer Network Engineer.  Which would seem to be exactly what I needed to get started.  He speaks computer lingo forwards, backwards, and upside down.  I, at the time, didn't really understand what Worldwide Web meant or how to search for anything.  So for many weeks he explained everything that I needed to know.  And 4 weeks later, I still had absolutely no idea what I was doing.  I was so frustrated that I quit before I even got started.  Anyone having any similar feelings here?
Still, I wanted to do this thing.  I really wanted to learn how to sell on the internet.  I felt that it would be something that I could do around my busy life with my kids schedules and I would enjoy it as well.  I made a friend who was already selling on the internet and who could speak computer lingo at the first grade level.  And when I wanted to focus on Ruby Lane, and then Ruby Plaza, I found that the tutorials were geared to an understandable level.  Still I had questions, and found that oftentimes other Ruby shop owners, who had been at it for a long time, were more than helpful in answering questions and giving suggestions.  I never turn away anyone who has a problem they need an answer to.  If I can't answer it, someone I know can!
I do recommend observing how the process works.  Buying an item yourself to see how the process goes from beginning to end is very helpful. It helps you to understand how the steps go-pay attention.  I love buying on the internet as much as I do selling.  Both Ruby sites offer answers to common questions.  It really is not as scary as you think it is going to be.  If you are still unsure what to do, ask someone!  Don't let the fear of the internet or your own computer keep you from opening the doors to a whole new world.  I've been at it for nearly 10 years now and have never regretted sticking with it long enough to find out that I love it!
Kathryn Atkins - Kats Vintage Korner

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