Savoring the Moments of the Last Year

It’s official; my youngest son is a high school senior! It seems like just yesterday he started school and I’ll bet many moms can relate to this sentiment! Time surely does fly!

My eldest child, a daughter, has already graduated from college and is gainfully employed in her career, busy establishing her life as life as an “emancipated” adult! Our relationship has switched gears into more of a friendship/kinship of women, which is enjoyable. Throughout her life, she has always been more of a second mother to her younger brother, much to his chagrin, but he adores her! As he plans for college, she is a helpful mentor.

Recently, my son had a soccer tournament several hours from our home, and as we were relaxing by a bay between games, the poignant thought crossed my mind, that this was the last soccer tournament we’d attend! Wow! After 10 years of being a soccer mom, there have been countless soccer games with the “thrill of victory and agony of defeat”. Many miles have been traveled, creating fellowship with wonderful boys and their parents, some of whom we have established lasting bonds of friendship. I am thankful for the time-shared with my son and have enjoyed witnessing the camaraderie between teammates. The travels gave me a chance to explore different cities and perhaps find an antique treasure along the way too!

I have since realized this is going to be a year of lasts for so many things as my son has plans to attend college away from home. There will be no more packing lunches, running to the store at the last minute to get materials needed for a project, and I will no longer have to make sure the appropriate school attire is laundered. I will not hear the queries: do we have batteries for my calculator or I was supposed to bring box of Kleenex to school yesterday, do we have any! There will no longer be after school soccer matches to cheer for. Not to mention teacher conferences and parent association meetings or post-prom preparations. And sadly, it will be our last “Mom Prom, a fun night for mother and sons with dinner and dancing…. It is definitely the highlight of the school year! The involvement in school afforded opportunities to meet and create connections with other mothers. I will miss the kinship of proudly attending school events and being involved in the extracurricular aspects of school life.

Next fall will begin a year of firsts as my son says goodbye to his primary education and begins college life. Since my son will be at a school in another state, he will be away from my watchful eye. I can only hope the lessons and guidance learned at home will have equipped him for life and will remain part of who he is.

This will be an exciting albeit bittersweet year. I plan to tearfully and proudly embrace each moment. Looking around my shop just gave me a great idea! I am going to place photos of both the kid’s senior pictures in an antique locket. As I wear the beautiful locket, my beloved children will be near my heart, but more importantly, the sentimental and priceless memories will be lovingly tucked away also.

Karen Soldwisch

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