I love the cool days that this time of the year brings. Summer in North Carolina can be oppressive with the high temperatures and horrible humidity, so when the days get shorter and the temperatures come down, it makes me very relieved. It also makes me start thinking about taking out clothing with longer sleeves and thicker fabrics.

Jewelry designs and colors also seem to change in the fall. When it is cooler, the weight of heavier jewelry pieces (often glass - my favorite choice) seems to fit right in with the fabrics that change too.

Color is a factor when you choose jewelry for the fall in a big way. Autumn is associated with warm, rich colors. Topaz, golds, browns and all sorts of earth tone colors seem to be popular choices. I suppose this goes along with the falling of the leaves and changing of their colors.

The type of jewelry worn in the fall also comes into play. Many women bring out their scarves in autumn and jackets are the norm. What looks better on the knot of a scarf, or the lapel of a jacket than a vintage brooch? Bring them out ladies. Now is the time to wear your pins.

How do you change your look in the fall? Just clothing, or do you change your jewelry too?

Written by Carol Speake

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