Winner Chosen - The Ruby Plaza Interior Design Contest -The Most Beautiful Bath or Powder Room

We are pleased to announce that we have a winner in the second Ruby Plaza Interior Design Contest. Out of many lovely contest submissions, our winner is Sharon Carpenter of Jelly Bean Jump & Collectibles. Sharon wins $250 which she will receive in the mail.

The contest theme was The Most Beautiful Bath or Powder Room. Here is Sharon's overview:

"This is a 4' x 7' Powder Room in my home. My shop, Jelly Bean Jump & Collectibles on Ruby Plaza, has the following two items included as part of decor in this room:

Item I.D. # 12145 (Handmade REIJMYRE Crystal Horse - Sweden)
item I.D. # 12200 (Chinese Art Renderings - written in both English and Chinese) You never know how long a guest might have to remain within those small walls, and of course I want them to be comfortable and entertained wherever they are in my home and for as long as they are in my home."

Why we chose this submission: The judges liked the modern feel of the overall presentation and the overall warmth of the space.

Congratulations, Sharon! We thank all those who took the time to participate in the contest. It's clear that a great deal of effort and creativity went into every submission we received, so it was a very tough decision! Ruby Plaza will be doing 6 contests this year.


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