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I was delighted to learn that Ruby Lane customers could checkout via Amazon. I opened an account and four customers have used this form of payment. The Ruby lane video gives step by step instructions for opening an account. I applied for one on a Wednesday night, faxed a bank statement on Thursday and by early Friday morning, I was approved and customers could use this form of payment. My application and approval was fast because I order monthly from Amazon and use the subscribe and save option. I order gluten free food, books and electronics. They requested that I use my same password and home email address. I had to have a security question.

Why Amazon? People who already shop Amazon have a password and credit card on file. Amazon has a wonderful reputation. The checkout is quick and they respond to emails 24 hours a day. They send emails before shipping products and follow up on orders. I'm excited about the new payment option. It will bring new customers to our shops and promote business. Amazon does email a monthly statement and has customer service support for shop owners. The fee is 2.4% with a 30 cent per transaction charge until September 2013. There is no fee or dollar limit for transferring money to your checking account. Ten dollars is the minimum amount to transfer. PayPal has a limit of $500 per month and a fee for requesting a check. The PayPal fee is 2.9 % on transactions.

Amazon requests your home phone number and home email address plus a bank account with a credit card before opening an account. They will not accept a cell phone number or gmail. I use my business checking account and my business credit card. I can transfer money from Amazon Payments to my checking account or shop for packing materials and office supplies. I tried to transfer money from Amazon Payments to my Ruby Lane account. I was unable to do this so I used my business credit card. When mailing packages I use my PayPal debit card or my business credit card.

I'm still learning about Amazon Payments. I have emailed Amazon payments with questions and received a quick email reply. I could have spoken by phone with a customer service representative. I know how to refund money and check if an order can be shipped. I wish the site had an online chat service and videos to explain step by step transactions. I feel that I will receive fewer checks and money orders with Amazon payments. Some customers would not use PayPal.

I'm anxious to take International payments by Amazon in the future. It will be interesting to see what percentage of customers use Amazon payments during the holiday season. Why wait? Open an Amazon Payments account! Don't be afraid to apply and learn how Amazon Payment works.

Noel Merkel Chessie-Nestor

Chessie & Nestor Go Antiquing

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