Ruby Plaza - Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win!

They say “desperate times call for desperate measures”. Well actually, I wasn’t really desperate but I felt something had to be done. I’m talking about my shop at Ruby Plaza.

I was one of the first to jump on board when Ruby Lane first made it so affordable to have a shop at Ruby Plaza. The concept was awesome ie. being able to sell all kinds of things: new, old etc. and the monthly listing fee was just too reasonable to refuse.

But as it became apparent to all of us, and to the principals at Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza, things weren’t working out as well and as quickly as we all hoped. So they made a change: you had to list different items in both shops. Suddenly, my Ruby Plaza shop had only a handful of items left in it and I’d dropped from the top 10 in jewelry to off the charts. Like so many others did, I was ready to just shut down my Ruby Plaza shop.

But I’m not a quitter. Instead, I began using my Ruby Plaza shop as a temporary storage for those items in my Ruby Lane shop that were sitting there and not getting any interest. It made sense to just shift them for some time into the Ruby Plaza shop and it was so easy to do that with just a tick of the other box in my shop home. Then, after a couple of months, I could just tick the box again and shift the item back into my Ruby Lane shop. Very cool.

And, as expected, with the mandate that we can now no longer list the same things in both shops, my Ruby Plaza items began showing up under “shopping” in Google. Yes! That’s what was needed to start bringing traffic over to our Ruby Plaza shop. Not quitting was paying off.

Now, Ruby Plaza has made it even easier for us struggling vendors to stay open: they have let us have our shops free till the end of 2012. WOW! What a great incentive. Now, I can see no reason at all to bail, especially since I’ve been lucky enough to be asked by a jewelry associate who’s closed his real world shop to sell off his items on consignment. Super! Now I have lots of brand new, never worn stock to add to my Ruby Plaza shop. Keeping up with the workload of listing in two shops is hard but I keep reminding myself that those search engines are picking up all my items in both shops now and sooner or later, “something’s gotta give”. But it’s tax time ... and wedding season ... and graduation time ... and all the other things that stop buyers from buying at this time of year. So what else can I do? AHA! Eureka! I don’t know if it’s a solution but I’m now trying something else: again, it has to do with those items that aren’t selling in my Ruby Lane shop. I’m making my Ruby Plaza shop our “clearance center”. I call it that on my personal blog, knowing full well that anything that says “sale” or “clearance” is likely to attract bargain hunters. Is it working? Well no sales yet, but our shop views are up. In fact, they’ve doubled. That’s promising.

I always told my girls when they were ready to give up on something important to them that “Winners never quit and quitters never win”. It’s a hard adage to follow but the eternal optimist in me says “hang in there.” Nothing stays the same forever and all good things take time. I think my Ruby Plaza shop is worth taking the time with and the people behind it are making it as easy for us as they can to help us ‘hang in there’. I hope whoever reads this is like the folks behind Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza: they are winners, not quitters. Which are you?

by Viga Boland



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