June 13th, 2011 Ruby Plaza Shop of the Week - DecAura and Alma's Attic Vintage

Monday, June 13, 2011 - Ruby Plaza Shop of the Week

Ruby Plaza Shop Name:   DecAura and Alma's Attic Vintage


Name of your Ruby Lane Shop:   Remtique Vintage and Antique Collectibles


Owners Name: Cheri Marshall

A little introduction:

I love what I do, and get real pleasure finding new homes for the eclectic items that pass through my shops. I have a special passion for all things vintage, especially glass, vanity, accessories, and most anything from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco period, plus the retro Mid Century Modern era. Creative projects are amongst my hobbies and I plan to offer some of my handmade items in my shops soon.

Favorite item in your shop?


This Art Deco era glowing green frosted glass powder jar is known as "Footed Triangle", and is not only highly collectible, but also makes a striking decorative for the bathroom or boudoir. These jars were originally sold containing Ramses scented bath powder, and this one still has the triangular puff inside!

Tell us why you started to sell online and how long you have been selling online?

I am a lifelong collector turned online seller in 2002, now exclusive on Ruby Lane (opened in 2007) and with a Flagship Shop Ruby Plaza. I started selling some of my collection online as a hobby, and it grew from there. My first shop, Alma's Attic, was named after my mom, who inspired my love of collecting and my appreciation for decorative art.

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