Remake this Look on Ruby Lane - Mirrored Wall


Using a collection of mirrors for "wall art" is a fantastic and creative way to reuse those pieces you might have stored away, not knowing where to place them in your home.  Thes mirrors don't have to match or be of the same design.  “The Inspiration” shows you how an eclectic variety of mirrors can make for one magnificent display.  Enjoy!

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"The Inspiration"

"The Remake"

1.)  1920s Ornate Wall Mirror, $1595, click here. 2.) Italian Wood Mirror, $3500, click here. 3.) Antique Gilt Metal Mirror, $125, click here. 4.) Round Molded Gesso Mirror, $172, click here.
5.) Vintage Ship Porthole Brass Mirror, $225, click here. 6.) Ornate Venetian Mirror, $1200, click here.

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