Remake this Look on Ruby Lane - Accessorized Vanity

Creating your vanity space is one of the simple pleasures of being a woman.  All of your favorite accessories complied together in order to create a fabulous working space.  In this series, I was inspired by the "Tiffany Blue" and fun costume jewelry.  You don't even need a dedicated vanity, you can simply create this look on your dresser.   For photo credit, click here.

"The Inspiration"

"The Remake"

1.) Vintage Daisy Earrings, $10, click here. 2.) Tiffany & Co. Diamond Heart Ring, $1500, click here. 3.) Turquoise & Diamond Necklace, $1695, click here. 4.) Art Deco Cuff, $245, click here.


5.) Vintage Round Gold Compact, $125, click here. 6.) Vintage Red Clutch, $20, click here.


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