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“She tossed her head back slightly, the light revealed her elegant features, and caught upon the chrysoprase chandelier earrings making them glow an eerie mysterious green.”*
Remember spending summer afternoons reading romance novels?  I do.  I would now if I had the time.  These days I spend afternoons before my lap top updating my website.

Don’t get me wrong – I love working my little jewelry business.  Lately, though as I type out descriptions of hoop earrings and hand knotted necklaces ’ve been wondering if I am missing out on something.  Recently, I picked up my forty-five year old thesaurus to help me out of an adjective rut – looking for synonyms for amethyst – and I was struck by how many descriptive terms there are for purple. The term that most captured my interest was “violaceous” (meaning “of the violet family”). Violaceous, now there is a delicious word. By the way, violaceous is found in my 1966 Thesaurus, not in my 2002 edition, therefore I assume it is no longer much in use.
As I gazed upon the entry violaceous, I realized that I needed to be more expressive in my descriptions of the jewelry.  Clearly I was not using enough adjectives or key words for my earrings and necklaces.  A dryly written web page listing materials, size, and color are not enough in this swirling kinetic world we call the internet.  It is necessary to capture the imagination of the consumer with the right words, not to mention the search engines, those ceaseless bots with their sysyphian task of scouring the internet for pages to rank.
Of course I do not advocate a misrepresentation of the product for sale. Imaginative wording does mean lying. However, if “sparkling hyacinth violet” and “intense grape wine” describe the color of “amethyst earrings”, then why not use those words in  addition to the ordinary “purple”.
No reason why this cannot be fun.  Now when I list an item I will vow to let my imagination soar to adjective heaven (on the wings of my 1966 Thesaurus).  Black agate can be accurately described as “ebony colored teardrop briolettes “.  “Aqua chalcedony” will perk up the search engines with “tears of sea mist green”.
If I ever do get a free afternoon, maybe I’ll begin writing that romance novel that has been playing in my mind since I was sixteen.  In the meantime I will hone those writing skills on my web site, aiming for that number one page ranking.
* this is a quotation from my future romance novel
Gaylynn Sneed

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