Open A Ruby Lane Shop – $75 Set-Up Fee Waived Through October 15!

For many, the number 13 conjures-up images of bad luck. Few buildings acknowledge they have a 13th floor, and many superstitious people stay locked in their houses on Friday the 13th. But all of us at Ruby Lane are excited to celebrate our 13th year in business. And August is the official month we opened, so we decided to offer a special promotion to sellers who want to join us during this period.

Special Promotion – Set-Up Fee Waived!
As part of our Lucky 13 Anniversary, we are launching a special promotion: Open a shop and the $75 set-up fee is waived. This special limited time promotion is on now, through October 15, 2011.

Why Open A Shop?
Ruby Lane is one-stop shopping for antiques & art, vintage collectibles and jewelry. With our considerable, highly targeted visitor traffic, your Ruby Lane shop will get noticed. And Ruby Lane is known for its excellent quality standards and for its ease of use for both buyers and sellers.

New Tools and Features
Recently we introduced several new features to the site, including a new look to our item pages and the ability to Skype with customers. We've added tools for sharing Ruby Lane items on your favorite social sites. We host a dynamic Facebook community as well as our blog, Notes from The Lane.

Join Us
It is really that simple - new shop owners who go to open a Ruby Lane shop, will not be charged a set-up fee. But remember, October 15, 2011, is the last day you will be able to set-up your shop for Free. You must request to open by October 15. Your shop must meet our guidelines and be approved by our review staff.

Come and help us celebrate our Lucky 13. With more than 2,220 shops and 425,000 items, we invite you to tour Ruby Lane, and see why so many call it home, and a great place to shop and sell.

Here's what some of our current shop owners say they like about selling on Ruby Lane:

"The ease of setting up and keeping a shop. The picture uploads and the amount allowed. The wish lists and wish list e-mails."

"I have been a member since 2001, and have had a very positive experience. I have had buyers from all over the world, Japan, Spain, Germany to name a few. I believe that the high standards you require of the dealers is one of the most important things. These high standards give the customers confidence to buy."

"Speed, Photographs - amount and quality, Page colors - easy on the eyes "

"A classy site and quality merchandise. My customers seem to feel comfortable and 'safe' on Ruby Lane."

"Great 'brand' recognition; overall quality of merchandise; great visibility on Google search engine."

We hope you'll consider joining us. To get started go to: Top Reasons

For information on the cost of a shop visit: Cost of Shop

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