No More Mutany From The Bounty

This time of year sees most people reflecting on the past year's joys and accomplishments, all that they have and all they intend to get, as well as, sorrows, failures, and losses they've incurred. It's a balance scale, if one looks at several past years.

I struggle, a little bit, with waiting for the other shoe, and all that. This past, say, two years has seen our household a bit emptier from the loss of some much loved and cherished fur babies. At the same time, hubby is 2 years post heart attack. (seconds truly do matter.) Our debt load greatly increased with adding on to the barn, and doing some other necessary bldg. maintenance. On the other hand, it looks like that barn addition may soon fill up this birthing season. We could end up with 100 or more lambs and kids. (good grief! Did everyone end up pregnant?!?) There are acceptable percentages, but Oh! Lordy! I think all the girls accepted!! The tow truck needed to be repaired with, what must have been, 24 karat gold parts. Then again, the no fuss long distance tows were up.

There are still at least 100 totes of a hoarder's things, that we got last year, to go through. But, I had been finding more good stuff than bad. So.....

We will always have to work hard for our supper; there's no lottery win in the future for us. Conversely, and usually seen in retrospect, the benefits outweigh the effort or perceived sacrifice. Hubby takes better care of himself, and we've acknowledged the possibility that we could actually be mere mortals. The loss of a loved one, human or furry, reminds us of how well we loved and were loved. The monthly bank payments tell us that the projects are, more or less, complete, working, being used, or whatever.

But getting back to those totes, I've been dragging my feet, and feeling overwhelmed at the thought of continuing that job, which was so all consuming and mind boggling that we had to just stop cold, last year. Those totes are dirty, hard work, but a source of many surprises, fun, and income.

Though it can get a little old at times, the harder we work the more we benefit. Every day is a holiday, and each meal a feast. And though every day is a work day, and each meal a study in wild animal domestication (meaning me!), I will try to not grumble and grouse about those totes. I'll dig in and find me a treasure to sell. Since I already know the route I'll have to take, there will be.....No More Mutany From The Bounty!

Written by Elizabeth Allison

The Other Place, ABC Shop on Ruby Lane