My Little Girl and My Vintage Costume Jewelry Collection

When I started collecting costume jewelery ten years ago when my children were young it was for the challenge of identifying the items and the corresponding prices. I knew zip about jewelry let alone costume jewelry as a male construction worker those things were alien. Well, things change and I had no idea of the future event to unfold. My collection grew and I placed the jewelry items in an old store three shelf oak display case. When the lights were on it made a spectacular display. I added to the display my 2003 Fathers Day gift- a Bergere demi parure purchased by my wife. I'll never forget the many laughs we had. I continued my adventures and purchased as many books as I could afford.

As the years went by, the kids graduated from high school and went on to college. My little girl grew up and became engaged. While preparing for the wedding she went to my display cabinet to choose a necklace. She chose a c1955 Lisner with blue rhinestones and
matching earrings. It looked great with her white wedding dress.

Many compliments were mentioned afterwards and to this day whenever she wears the Lisner necklace she receives compliments. People would ask her "where did you get that necklace" and her reply was always the same. My dad gave it to me for my wedding. My daughter now has an appreciation for many items from the past. She has decorated her home with several antique furniture pieces and has started an enviable Fenton collection. Now her friends enjoy flea market hunts and the excitement of a great find plus many laughs which I know she will pass along to my future grandchildren.

I am always happy that my daughter has enjoyed this jewel from the past and will continue to cherish and take care of one of my finds. What a chain of events! Oh! by the way did I tell you about that 14 kt gold chain necklace..........

James Keller

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