Making the most of Item of the Month

Do you use the “Item of the Month” feature offered by Ruby Lane? If you don’t, you should, as it’s a powerful tool that can increase your sales.

All shop owners can submit an item of the month to Ruby Lane. Ruby Lane emails many customers a list of the new items of the month. This is a great way to advertise your shop and one of its special items. If the item sells, you can list another one in the same month. Ruby Lane does follow up emails to customers and shop owners throughout the month.

So, let’s choose a special item each month that has wide appeal. Is it colorful? Does it photograph well? Is it easy to ship? I consider both US buyers and overseas buyers when I chose items. Some items can be sent International First Class Mail. Choose your item carefully and have a backup item when the first item sells. Create a catchy sentence to make your item exciting, such as, “Would you enjoy receiving this item?” Try to list your item at the end or beginning of the month.

On March 31, this year, I listed eight Oklahoma Indian glasses in excellent condition. They sold on April 2. They were colorful and collectible. I only have one set to sell although the item made many wish lists. I will have to attend at least another thirty auctions in the hope of finding another set. I listed another Item of the Month on April 3.

Many Items of the Month sell soon after being placed on wish lists. My Daisy nutcracker, two music boxes and a Wesson oil mayonnaise maker sold within a few months. A 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair vase sold within a month. I hate having to tell shoppers that I only have one of a special item but I do ask them to check the other Ruby Lane shops. I try to list items that appeal to both men and women.

I always look forward to receiving the Item of the Month email from Ruby Lane. I know customers also enjoy this feature of our site. This is extra work for the Ruby Lane staff so please chose a special item each month.

Noel Merkel

Chessie & Nestor Go Antiquing


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