Life Is Too Short To Only Order from Column A

When you spot a piece of jewelry that sends you rubber-necking to get a better look, you might already be calculating which of life’s frivolous follies such as food and or utility bills you will forgo to own it. It is highly unlikely you are thinking about what’s driving this strong current of temporary madness. Somewhere, somehow, something in your past planted the seeds of what will spark your engine and elevate your blood pressure at just a glance. Most little girls even as young as one will grab for the shiny object around the lucky person’s lap’s they're sitting in. Is there anything better in this universe then a little girl in your lap? Little boys do come a close second to the best experience ever. That one year-old mind is forming her opinions right there in those first interactions with those she loves the most. She’s not aware that the earring she just ripped out of your ear, coupled with the scent of you, will trigger a lifetime of decisions to come.

Your grandmother’s gaudy cocktail ring that you probably prayed would not be left to you someday. Your aunt's silly owl necklace. Your Mom’s clanking bangle bracelets. Your favorite movie star's diamond everything. All of these make a subconscious impact through the years and lead you to the choices you make today. We are influenced by movies, television, fashion, and trends. Little girls playing dress up let their imaginations go free, and explore the huge realm of possibilities. Ten different shaped bracelets in ten different colors. Layers of pearls mixed in with rhinestones and maybe an old peace sign necklace. Add a swirly skirt over some jeans and bright pink lipstick and she’s good to go. She doesn’t care what you think. She feels festive and beautiful. With age some people settle into the comfort of what their unconscious dictates and not only, would not, consider deviating but worse, begin to believe only there way is the right way.

I say that life’s too short to only order from column A. How can you really know what suits you if you don’t "take it for a spin?". If you're always attracted to demure lovely pieces, then you have good reason to be. At least consider one big bold sassy piece. Don’t judge yourself. You're not too short or to large or to tall or to thin to explore the bevy of previously vetoed choices. You're not too young for good pearls and you're not to old for a 2 pound turquoise squash blossom necklace. Remember that any potential critics are driven by their own limitations. Do you really want to base your choices on others' opinions?

Be brave, start your own trend. Invent your own style. Believe me in this sometimes shockingly closed-up world we live in someone's even judging your right to wear those tasteful little diamond earrings you love. It’s what can happen when we let go of the little girl inside us. Bring her back and allow yourself to play! While your standby pieces are great and will always there for you, just maybe there’s someone else deep inside who got a little stifled along the way. Why not explore?

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Shari Basoff
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