Karen Lindner Designs: Bringing Vintage Rhinestones to the Modern Bride

If you absolutely loved the display of bling in the People Magazine’s spread on Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s wedding, then you have already experienced the art of gifted jewelry designer, Karen Lindner. Magazines like Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, In Style, and Upscale have featured her bold and dazzling designs, and her unique pieces graced the runways of New York International Bridal Market in April in Anne Barge’s runway shows and Priscilla of Boston’s stationery displays. What you may not know is that Karen Lindner uses vintage pieces to create her one-of-a-kind bridal treasures.

Her website puts it this way: “Within each collection there is a sense of tangible treasure – of holding and touching and wearing something very special that has just been rediscovered – and that has just begun to tell the stories of its past to a new generation. Each piece is hand designed and one-of-a-kind, and celebrates finding and appreciating the lost stories in all of our lives. In an era of mass-produced living, I find embracing treasures that have lasted decades – and in some instances, centuries – to be a much more rewarding way to embellish my world.”

I discovered Karen’s fabulous pieces in an unusual way—she bought a rhinestone bracelet from our shop, Cinsababe’s on Ruby Lane. I always enjoy chit-chatting with my customers and she mentioned in passing that the piece would be making a showing, most likely in another form, on the runway this October at New York Bridal Market. Well I just couldn’t let that go by and had to find out more. A quick stop at her website revealed a remarkable array of jewelry, all made with vintage treasures. The variety runs the gamut from simple sophistication in her pendant necklaces made with Art Deco rhinestone dress clips and stunning cuff bracelets fashioned from vintage sterling silver napkin rings to the over-the-top glam of ribboned necklaces featuring multiple vintage rhinestone pieces.

Given the limited and unique nature of her designs, she never planned to present her pieces at the Bridal Market in the format of having a booth or show since she would never be able to mass produce her designs, but she did offer to “help out” with accessorizing. She brought several pieces the day before the April show allowing the designers to choose the pieces they felt best accented their designs. The feedback from those shows and the publicity that went along with designing the jewelry for Miranda Lambert’s wedding (bride, attendants and mothers all wore multiple pieces of her jewelry) has brought her line to the forefront of the bridal world. For the fall Market her accessories will not be a last minute add on, instead she is working within a theme and colors (very hush hush) to create the perfect accessories for Anne Barge designs. She also has exciting meetings scheduled with Kleinfeld's and Neiman Marcus who both want to see previews of what she will have available "straight from the runway" post-show.

And while the details are top secret, Karen tells me that “We do a lot of what I call Mosaics where I blend several pieces (often 10-15) into designs, as well as using bracelets (usually D&E) for chokers, bouquet wraps and the super popular headbands everyone is showing now --- except ours are ooak and fabulous vintage!!”

I think what I love most about Karen is her passion for vintage jewelry. I have a sense that the pieces she uses are not just component parts of her design, but that each piece is respected and treasured for the craftsmanship already present. She says, “I give a voice to all of these old masterpieces - and let new generations enjoy their artistry and stories.”

I am so excited to be a part of this saga and a part of the October New York Bridal Market through her purchase in our shop. Be on the lookout for Karen--she is busy scouring the shops of Ruby Lane for just the right pieces to add to her fall line. And I am sure that the pages of wedding magazines this fall will be filled with her pieces—many of them created with treasures found on Ruby Lane.

Cindy Brown of Cinsababe’s on Ruby Lane and Quindy’s on Ruby Plaza

Cindy and husband, Cowboy Rick, travel and work full-time from their RV—a lifestyle that they love. There is a new adventure and a new flea market around every bend!


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