Is Decorating With Milk Glass Making a Comeback?

I've been wondering lately if milk glass is making a comeback. Now, I'm not saying it is.It has been pointed out to me that I am not Martha Stewart or any other trend-setting icon. But, as a shop owner, I do see trends in what is selling.

Looking at my inventory, I only have a small percentage of milk glass items. Most are things that I didn't seek out on purpose, but were a part of a larger lot. Some items I picked up because the price was right.Lately though, 6 out of 10 new purchase orders include a milk glass item.

In searching for answers, I found several articles on decorating with milk glass and even one about creating faux milk glass.Really? What is going on?

As I said before, I am not trend setter.But I do have a theory. Milk Glass has been underrated for far too long.In this tough economy, more and more people are starting to see just how versatile and affordable it can be. I've seen several articles on milk glass aimed at value conscience brides who are planning their own wedding.

But it's not just for a one-time event. Think of buy a Milk Glass vase like buying a stylish black blazer for your wardrobe.Just by adding that one new piece to things you already own, you can update old clothes or create a fresh look for your living room.

Milk Glass goes with everything. Do you have a dark corner of the den? Put a couple of Milk Glass candlesticks there and brighten it up without having to repaint. Texture or pattern is not important in milk glass. Even if you have a hobnail vase, a floral border candlestick and an embossed grape bowl, they go together.Look at the photo I've included with this article.None of the items are the same "pattern", yet they make a nice display.

Taking this decorative mix even further, I am planning to gather a collection of milk glass plates, they all will be mounted on my kitchen walls which will be painted a rich chocolate brown.

Don't take my word for it.I'm not telling everyone to rush out and buy up all the Milk Glass you can find.But, I will suggest that it is plentiful, practical and affordable.A little can go a long way toward updating a room on a budget.

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