How To Prepare For a Red Tag Sale

The Ruby Lane Red Tag Sales are great opportunities to increase your sales for the year, but if you don’t prepare properly, you won’t get the most out of them. Here are a few ideas:

1) Do you have items floating around in your studio that are not in your inventory? If you do, photograph them and write descriptions. This is a great opportunity to catch up. If you’re anything like me, you love making jewelry but you’re less fond of doing the rest. Chances are there are items piling up that you haven’t put into your store. Do this a few weeks ahead of time if possible, posting them at regular price.

2) Clear out old inventory. This is a great time to go through inventory and put older items into the sale. I usually remove any items from the shop as they reach the year old point, and these items are sitting in a box in my studio. Now is the time to put them back in the shop during the days of the sale.

3) Check your wish list. If you see a popular item that can be put into the sale, this is the time to do it. I’ve found that when an item isn’t priced right the first time, it is less likely to sell quickly, yet it might remain on wish lists. Now is your chance to sell those misplaced items.

4) Be sure to send email notices to your contact list. Include a link to your shop, and encourage everyone to look ahead of time at what’s for sale. This is somewhat like previewing an auction, and many people won’t look ahead of time unless you tell them to.

5) Check your shop’s backroom. Are there items you’ve forgotten about still there? If so, maybe now’s the time to bring them out again. Perhaps you’ve put them in the backroom because they are older items that haven't sold. At a lower red tag sale price, they might.

Taking advantage of the Red Tag sale can boost your sales for the year, and help you clear out old inventory, but only if you prepare. If you use upcoming Red Tag sales to sell inventory that has been sitting around, you’ll find yourself being more organized and happy with yourself as a result.

Written by Marcia Southwick

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