Hot New Summer Fashion Trend - Rihanna Style Earlaces

Who can resist the look of long dangle pierced earrings and a cluster of chains at the neckline. In the past the way to achieve this look was to wear two pieces of jewelry. But this has changed!

One of the hottest new trends in jewelry is a combination of earrings and necklaces into one piece of jewelry called an earlace. The style has become very popular after R& B star Rihanna was recently seen wearing a pair when out on the town. I have many styles and don't seem to be able to keep them in sstock in my Ruby Plaza store.

What is an earlace? Simply put it is a pair of earrings which is usually joined by a series of chains. Ever since the style became popular all sorts of embellishments have been added to the chains - rhinestones, glass beads, and most recently feathers, another fashion trend this past winter and for the summer season too. I also have some with peace logo motifs and flowers in filigree settings which join the chains to the earrings.

Who knows whether this fashion trend will last, but right now, they are selling well, and I keep relisting them.

What do you think? Is an earlace the style for you?

Here are a few examples of some of the styles that will give you an idea of the effect of joining the two pieces of jewelry.

Carol Speake
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