Holiday Sales 2012

Today is December 31 and it is snowing outside. What a perfect time to reflect on the holiday sales for 2012! Customers are still ordering items as the old year is fading away. Ordering online is the perfect way to spend a snowy day. I mailed packages this morning and will have more for January 2. January is a great time to spend your Christmas money.

My shop had busy spurts in October and November with buyers shopping early. I played Santa for some buyers mailing a gift item for them. The December 1, Red Tag Sale sparked many sales. By December 20, shoppers were ordering items for themselves. Fifty seven items were ordered in December. The majority of packages went Parcel Post until December 15. Quite a few shoppers were new to the Ruby lane site. I have a several orders pending but will follow up with them in 2013. People travel in December and want a package to arrive when they are at home.

About 18 customers used Amazon Payments, most used PayPal and three checks or money orders. Amazon does offer gift cards. I hope we can accept the gift cards in the future. I wish the Amazon Orders could be seen on Gmail. Overseas buyers bought early shopping in October and November. One overseas buyer ordered four items on Christmas day. I have had three orders on New Years Eve so far.

This is my second Christmas on Ruby Lane. I am pleased with my sales. I list a variety of items and try to have something for everyone. I felt that many customers were buying small practical items this year. I sell in a mall but save my best items for Ruby Lane. Any German item sells quickly in Hermann.

Ruby Lane helped drive sales with frequent emails featuring items in a certain category. My listing of new items weekly draws customers to my shop. Customers find items by a Google search of a certain item such as a beer boot. Our site has a wonderful reputation and is trusted by shoppers.

I do attend auctions in search of collectible items. I did attend two this month. I often return with some new items but remember items in my shed. I have coffee jars on shelves in the shed. Helping customers in the mall is a source of finds. I opened a case to show an MFA button and I spied a Cory coffee rod. The customer bought the MFA items and I bought the Cory coffee rod.

Best wishes to everyone in 2013. I wish all shops success and great sales in January. A big thanks to the Ruby lane staff.

Written by Noel Merkel

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