Holiday Packing and Shipping

We are off to a great start after the Red Tag sale. Shops will continue to be busy the rest of December and for January and February. Here are some thoughts on holiday shipping.

Please check each order and use the mailing address instead of the billing address. Do not include and invoice with a gift shipment. Have a note card to write a message to the person receiving the gift. Offer to wrap small items especially for last minute shoppers. Men do not enjoy wrapping gifts.

Take a break when packing items for shipment. I packed a RR lantern, crystal candy dish and a set of twelve glasses. The next order was for three small Pyrex casseroles to one address. I use inner boxes for this type of shipment. I packed a wheat casserole and looked at the next two casseroles. They were town and country and not on my site.

I checked the order and wrapped the butterfly gold casseroles. Before continuing and sealing the package, I had some coffee.

When you receive an order do reply to the customer that day. Plan on packing and shipping the next day or sooner with Priority Mail. I had a phone call about jello molds in my shop. I called back after measuring them. They were the correct size and needed asp. For a holiday party. I packed and mailed the same day. I will modify my description online as they are smaller then stated.

When mailing crystal do not put in a priority box without an inner box and padding. All mail gets tossed around this time of year. For US mail I often use the priority box as the inner box and add an outer box.

Save all mailing receipts in a large brown envelope by month. Ruby Lane site keeps track of orders. I use a notebook and a brown envelope each month. Do refund postage on multiple orders when they have paid too much.

We are getting new customers daily. I’m often asked can I order from you via a credit card. I have no machine at home. I explain Amazon and PayPal checkout. More new customers choose Amazon. Most people have ordered from Amazon.

My morning project will be packing a pedestal cake stand with a dome lid. These are beautiful items and I pack early in the day. I asked to be allowed two days to pack this item.

Encourage early shopping. Many customers choose Parcel Post and December 15 is the last day for Christmas arrival. The last day for Priority Mail is December 21. Some customers will need a New Years gift or special item for the Chinese New Year.

Best wishes to the shop owners and our customers. Ruby Lane is a great site and we are blessed with special customers. Happy Holidays!

Written by Noel Merkel

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