From Experience - Comparing Shipping and Insurance Carriers

The recent Postal strike in Canada had me seeking an alternative method of shipping to the Province of the buyer. My first thought was United Parcel Service aka UPS.

The jewelry item purchased was small, weighing about an ounce, and it would be shipped in a bubble mailer. I contacted a UPS “store” to get the particulars of shipping UPS and was surprised at the information received.

First problem, the package was automatically considered a 1-pound package, much heavier than the 1-ounce it actually was. Secondly, the price was astronomical at $20, whereas the postal service fee is generally less than $2.50! In addition, using the UPS store makes the sender a third party to the process, which complicates matters in the event an issue arises. Lastly, if the package were denied in the country being shipping to, due to a customs issue, myself, as the shipper, would have to absorb the cost for the return of the package. All these factors made this shipping method way too risky as well as uneconomical. Thank goodness the postal strike ended rather quickly and everyone was able to return to mailing as usual!

The advent of Paypal shipping has been a beautiful thing easing the shipping process. No longer do I wait in long postal lines… hooray what a timesaver! For many years, I utilized the USPS insurance, which could get pricey. However, there was that unfortunate event when I needed to file a damage claim. The Post Office took the item in question and eventually denied the claim. Lesson learned: no matter how badly the package was tossed about in reaching its destination, the damage was somehow my fault for not wrapping the item securely. If a claim is accepted the Postal Service the item becomes their possession (what do they do with it?). In all counts, frankly, I felt burned by the whole USPS insurance process. Having to file claim is quite disappointing not only for the buyer of the item but to the seller as well.

Since that time, I have found online insurers that make insuring a package hassle- free, much more economical and super easy. The insurers even cover most international shipments, which makes me feel a whole lot more at ease shipping to international destinations. The buyer also feels more comfortable in the mailing process as well. I had firsthand experience with one claim with an online carrier and the process was far less complicated than with USPS with much more positive results for everyone concerned.

There are several online carriers, U-Pic being one of the providers of insurance. Go ahead; check their rates that are based each $100 dollar value unit. Some of the carriers are lower than USPS and as an added bonus also cover shipping costs. Give the online carriers a try…you will be glad you did!

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