Expressing Gratitude To My Customers

I'd like to chat, a bit, about expressing gratitude to my customers. It's easy to show my regulars appreciation. If they come in and I'm particularly busy, a good deal and a wave of the hand is fine. They'll be back when it's quieter, and then we can blab.

It's the customers that I may only meet once....these are the ones to whom this blog is dedicated.These customers are pleasant, curious about what's inside the store, and either know what they want, or will know it when they see it. I want them to know, at the time, that I'm glad they stopped in. Even if they don't find something, they've contributed to my business.

My store is right on the main highway in my area. Even just their vehicles in front of the store, piques the interest of others. I can't tell you how many times people have come in saying they just had to stop because they always see cars or trucks in front of the store when they're driving to work, appointments, to visit family, etc...

So you see, a direct puchase isn't the only way a customer helps. It's like a little business garden.....seeds are planted every time someone stops in, as well as, every time someone drives by.

When the one time customer makes a purchase, I want them to leave feeling good about their find, and happier about their whole day. It really doesn't take any effort at all.

We're living in a time when a little personal conversation between a shop keep and a customer is increasingly rare. It's a simple thing to, sincerely, comment about a positive.....some thing about the person, their vehicle, their purchase. "Can I just say, I love your hair. How do you get it to stay so nice?" (mine is usually in disarray) "That's a great looking ride. Does it have as much room as it looks?" (my minivan, which I love, has seen better days) "You really have a good eye for color....that vase,(lamp, set of dishes, print, etc....) will fit any color scheme." "I just love the chairs you chose. There's just something about oak." Or something on that order. I want them to know, on a personal level, how much I appreciate them and their business. I am honest and sincere in my conversations.

Customer appreciation can range from helping them find that something special, to maybe knocking a little off the tag price. And I will let them know they can wander the store without me hovering, but if they need a hand, just give me a holler. They like feeling trusted and it makes them feel like they're a regular part of my store. Almost like family....when family stops by, they go get their own coffee cup from the cupboard. If they can't find the creamer they give you a holler. This the the sense I wish to convey.

I hope that, as much as anything else, translates into .......Expressing Gratitude to My Customers.

Elizabeth Allison
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