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As a Scrounge of the Highest Order I am always on the hunt for packing boxes and other shipping materials I can reuse. I drag bags of foam and bubble wrap from the local bookstore and pounce on grocery shelf stockers before they can destroy cardboard boxes they've emptied. I unfold and press wrapping paper from my own purchases.

Going Green is an effective way to personally do something worthwhile to improve our environment. While I'm trying my best to reuse and recycle, I understand that not everyone may realize the need or even think about how this effort impacts them directly. Accordingly, I decided to enlist some further help -- my customers!

In addition to a receipt, I will be enclosing a short note in every package I ship, making sure my customers understand that Going Green benefits them too -- first and foremost by keeping my charges down, and in the long run by reducing the waste stream.

I've included a copy of the note below. Please feel free to use it, modifying as needed it to fit your business.

Dear Customer:
As you may have noticed, we used some "recycled" materials to pack your order, and I would like to thank you in advance for helping us "Go Green." We are doing our best to reuse and recycle whenever we can, without sacrificing the quality of our packing.

Every time we can re-use a shipping carton, foam peanuts or bubble wrap, we reduce not only the amount of waste headed for landfills, but also demand for production of brand new materials -- which are very expensive to buy. To pay for them, we would have to pass the costs along to you as packing and handling fees (which we are not and do not want to charge!).

Accordingly, we hope you can see that we are extremely fussy about the packing materials we use. We promise to always do our best to make sure everything is clean, in good condition and odor free - just like we would want one of our own purchases delivered to us !

Thank you for your understanding. We hope you'll support our efforts to conserve resources and help reduce the amount of waste.

Kind regards,


by : Jane Silvernail
Time's Treasures Railroad & Country

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