Do You Have an Emergency Business Management Plan?

Computer issues have prevented me from accessing my Ruby Lane shop three separate times this year. The first time, I thought I would have a stroke! I couldn’t bear to think that I would be unable to answer my customers’ questions and handle transactions. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Internet access at my town’s public library is free if you have a library card! This option gives me a back-up plan to manage my Ruby Lane shop in emergencies.

The first time my computer failed me was after a severe snowstorm. I had regular electricity, but no telephone service. Of course, my computer runs through the telephone line. Due to the severity of the storm, it took 36 hours for them to restore service in my area. I can’t imagine not being unable to connect with my Ruby Lane shop for even a day, let alone 36 hours!

The second time my computer failed me, it would not connect to my Internet provider at all. After two days of telephone conversations with my Internet provider technical support team, they determined the problem was with my phone line (again)! Finally, after three days, they resolved the issue and I had Internet service again. In the meantime, I went to the library every day to run my Ruby Lane shop.

The third time I was unable to use my computer was totally my own fault. I transferred major funds out of my Pay Pal account which I use to pay my Internet provider, thinking I’d have time to put money in to cover my monthly service bill in a few days. Of course, the Internet provider moved their billing date up that month and the account had insufficient funds. When I tried to access my Ruby Lane shop the next morning, I got a “nasty-gram” on the screen saying my bill was overdue and my service had been suspended. I resolved it as soon as I had a Ruby Lane customer who paid through Pay Pal, which thankfully was that very afternoon.

I am sure these emergency situations wont’ be the last that prevent me from accessing my Ruby Lane shop at home. So I have a back-up plan to manage my Ruby Lane shop so that my customers and customer service aren’t affected. Do you?

Danielle Lapidus

Treasure Box Antiques Shop

Danielle Lapidus - GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional


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