Christmas Love

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” ― Hamilton Wright Mabie

Love is at the center of the Christmas season. Even the most cynical become sentimental and many adults develop nostalgic recalling our youth… the hopes and dreams of Christmases past. Without a doubt, the season is merry and bright, but also hectic, with a long to-do list that can seem daunting. Personally, I don’t care though… I love Christmas! Everything about the season brings great pleasure! When driving around town all gaily lit and festive and the holiday music playing everwhere adds to the jovial spirit. And, although generally not a television viewer, I cannot resist the Hallmark channel and the every sappy Christmas movie!

My family has wonderful traditions, those which bring great joy and happiness, from cutting down our tree at a favorite tree farm, to decking the halls and baking delicious treats, always trying a new cookie. One year, I attempted a fruit/nut confection called sugarplums and they all hated it; every year they still tease me for my failed endeavor, which they refer to as Mom’s nutballs! Often during the season, I hear people express that they do not know what to buy for the people on their list and that always puzzles me because I generally have the perfect gifts in mind! The bestowing of presents is one of my favorite parts because I’m very enthusiastic about what I have found! Well, then I guess, in return, I do love receiving as well! When I was a child, at family gatherings the first thing we did, was pass out presents, then we celebrated with a meal. When I married, the family began with a meal and then passed out presents… it took me a very long time to tame my excitement and attempt to sit patiently!

So then, what is the perfect gift? I think it is one that speaks to the recipient. With a little extra consideration, think about those on your list and what their passions are. Do they collect something special? What are their hobbies? Baking or sewing, fishing or hunting! I am sure there is gift that would tickle their fancy. In my opinion, a locket is full of love for a gal of any age! For the person that really does not want or need anything, I make a donation to a charity in their honor. Personally, I enjoy poking around in vintage stores and especially online to find unique treasures. Without a doubt, Ruby Lane is overflowing with beautiful trinkets and vintage gifts for just about everyone on your list!

I guess, I’m still kid at heart! I relish the warm glow of happiness at Christmas and the love and joy surrounding the season. May your Christmas be blessed with the love of family and friends! Merry Christmas!

Written by Karen Soldwisch

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