An Update on the Pending Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Auction

In May, I wrote about Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection. Recall that shortly after her death this past March, Christie’s auction house announced that it would be selling Elizabeth’s fabulous jewelry collection. At that time, a date had not yet been set for the sale, but I guessed it would be this past June 14th at Christie’s “important jewels” sale in New York City. I was wrong!

Christie’s has shrewdly decided to send Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels on a world-wide tour beginning this September to drum up interest for the pending auction. The planned itinerary includes stops in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Moscow, Paris and London. The jewels will end up back in New York City for Christie’s planned 2-day auction, December 13th and 14th.

If you are not familiar with Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection, the majority of it is displayed in her oversize, coffee table book, My Love Affair with Jewelry (2002). Her collecting memoirs are also presented in the book. A word of warning: her book is being sold for outrageous prices right now. I recommend going easy on your wallet and checking it out at your local library.

Elizabeth Taylor owned some outrageous jewelry pieces in her lifetime, like a 69.42-carat pear shaped diamond Richard Burton purchased for her. She sold it the late 1970’s after their second divorce so that she could buy Nancy Sinatra’s house! Nevertheless, there are plenty of breathtaking jewels left for the upcoming auction like the 33.19-carat Krupp diamond. The Krupps were a rich German family of Nazi sympathizers. Having converted to Judaism in one of her early marriages, it gave Elizabeth Taylor great pleasure to flaunt the fact that the enormous stone was now in the possession of a “Jewish girl.”

Elizabeth’s collection also includes several jewels of historical importance, including the Taj Mahal diamond from the 1600’s. The December 13-14, 2011 Christie’s auction of her collection is sure to bring out some famous bidders who wish to be the next guardians of these fabulous treasures!

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Danielle Lapidus
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