After the Holidays

So now that the holidays are over, what do you do with your inventory?

1. This is the time to do markdowns

2. Have a blow-out sale

3. Take your excess to the flea market

4. Do a give-a-way

5. Promote your sales all over the web

6. Give some away as gifts to your customers

7. Do a garage sale

You can do all these that are listed, plus more of your own ideas. This is the time of year to get rid of the old and put in the new. A time of year for refreshing, even changing the logo of your website is a good thing. Of course some changes are not that good but do change some things and put in fresh vintage collectibles.

You can either put your older “stuff” in the backroom or remove and put in newer “stuff”. Spring will be upon us in no time, so this is a great opportunity to start listing those beautiful spring colors in clothing, glass, china etc. I know for me when January comes I have more sales than I do for the Christmas holiday, because people receive money as presents, they know this is a good time to buy that vintage collectible they couldn’t before. So list your new, or keep your old and change your wording or listing to a fresh statement about your antique or collectible item and have fun with your Ruby Lane Store this coming New Year.

Barbara Ostashev
Visit: Out of the Attic 2U

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