Antiques, vintage collectibles, decor, & fine art, for most discriminating collectors and investors

About Valuables: Antiques, FineArt, Vintage Collectibles

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About Us
In the Valuables, you will find antiques, vintage collectibles, and fine art for most discriminating collectors and investors

We are professional interior designers, have many years of experience in serious collecting and running luxury boutique hotels.

We have learned to satisfy the needs of a discerned client, we know how to treat and cherish precious valuables, and we can turn your valuable collectibles, antique items, or books into key component of your interiors. A woman’s collection of shoes or purses or a gentleman's collection of golf trophies, your favorite photograph or inherited set of brass kitchen utensils may be the reason of a kitchen color, light fixture in a walk-in closet or type of bookshelves in the library.

The Valuables are specially selected to personalize, compliment, or emphasize interiors of homes, personal offices, private libraries, or boutique hotels.