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About Two For His Heels

As we begin a new year (2014), we wish to thank all of our valued customers for making this shop a success. From an original listing of 10 items the shop has grown to a point where for the past couple of years it has typically offered more than 500 items. Along the way we have sold more than 2,500 items, either through listings in the shop or to customers who have standing requests for certain kinds of cards.

We anticipate that we will be expanding the shop to nearly 1000 items during 2014, and one concern that we have is that the shop may be difficult to navigate. One of the best things about the Ruby Lane website is that it has a full text search capability. In most cases, the simplest way to find decks by a particular card maker is to search for that maker in the shop’s search box. This is also very efficient if the subject matter of the cards is known. For example, if interested in Alaska souvenir decks, a simple search of the word Alaska will show them all.

Another way to find a deck is to click on the link on the main page of the shop that says, “See All ___ Items.” As this is written at the start of 2014, that number is 540 Items. Under either “Antiques” or “Collectibles” the cards are generally arranged by the country of the card maker, not the publisher. This way of finding a deck is preferable when a full text word search generates too many decks. For example, a search for the Spanish card maker “Fournier” will also generate all decks in which the description contains a reference to the Fournier Museum catalogue – a very large number that will include decks made by almost every card maker worldwide of any historical importance. For Fournier cards it is best to go to the “See All ___ Items” link, click on “Playing Cards Spain” in the Vintage Collectibles category listed on the left of the page, and look at the Spanish decks. This is also often true if interested in cards made in a particular country.

One problem with looking for cards using the “See All ___ Items” link is that many “Antique” cards are shown in the “Collectibles” section. This is because Ruby Lane does not permit an item to be listed as an “Antique” for less than $100. There are many decks of cards from the early 20th century that are more than 100 years old – thus qualifying as “Antiques” by age – but not eligible for “Antique” status on Ruby Lane because they are listed for less than $100. For example, if looking for a deck made in Germany via the “See All ___ Items” link that is more than 100 years old, the “Playing Cards Germany” link in the “Vintage Collectibles” section should be clicked as well as the same link in the “Antiques” section, because the “Vintage Collectibles” section will include Dondorf and other decks that are more than 100 years old. Of course, if the name of the maker is known, the best approach would generally be to search for that name (i.e., word search for “Dondorf”).

If you would like us to be on the lookout for certain kinds of cards, please let us know. We are constantly buying and selling cards, and enjoy finding things that may be of interest to our customers.


On domestic transactions Ruby Lane has instituted a system designed to calculate shipping and insurance automatically. We are still adjusting to this change, but have noted that in some instances the "automatic" information given to customers has been incorrect, especially when more than one item is purchased. No doubt this is a function of how we input information when a listing is made. As we adjust to this system, please contact us for shipping and insurance quotes if the amounts given automatically seem incorrect. Our intent is to charge our cost, and no more, for shipping.

Thanks for visiting.

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