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Antique Dolls
10 " Early Papier-m Ch Doll Milliner's Model C1840 Spaniel-ears All-original
10" Early C1912 Swaine & Co "Open-mouth Lori" #232 Character Baby Flocked Hair
10" Early Doll Am 323 Googly C1914 Slant-hips, Star-hands Original Mohair Wig
10" Early Doll Jubilee Googly Hertel & Schwab #165 Original Hh Wig & Baby Body
10" Papier-mache Autoperipatetikos 1862 Mechanical Doll
10" Simon & Halbig #749 Dep Doll C1890 Adorable Size
10.5 Early #172 Gibson Girl Doll C1900 By Kestner Orig. Cloth Body & Bisque
11" 1910 Heubach #7848 Pouty Boy Square Mark/Intaglio
11" German Bisque Doll Named "Whistling Jim" By Gebruder Heubach
11.5" Early Gebruder Heubach Whistler Character "8774" German Doll
11.5" Early Papier-mache Milliner's Modle Doll 1840 Spaniel Ears & Braided Bun
12 Nippon My 50/2 Character Baby Bisque/Sleeps C1910
12" Early Admiral Lord Nelson German Bisque Doll C1910 Character Original
12" Early Simon & Halbig #151 Painted-eye Character Fully Jointed Body
12" Marseille 323 Googly Doll C1914 Character Face Blue Glass Sleep Eyes
14" 165 Hertel Schwab Googly Watermelon Mouth Brown Glass Sleep Eyes Cute
14" Early French Fashion Doll C1870 Unusual Face With Swivel-neck, Lovely Gown
15" Carved Hair Schoenhut Girl #101 Doll Blue Bow Rare Character Labeled
15" Early Glass Eye Gebruder Heubach 8429 Pouty Closed Mouth Character Toddler
15" Heubach Laughing Character 5636 Blue Glass Sleep Eyes Sunburst Mark
15" Peg Wooden Man Original 18th Century Costume & Floss Wig Ex Ca.1900
15-1/2" Rare Pouty Mark "500.G8h" C1926 German Character In Early Doll Clothes
16" Armand Marseille 1894 German Bisque Character Doll
16" Early French Fashion Doll Blampoix Pinktint China Original Skin Wig
16" Early Hertel Schwab #163 -6 Googly Rare Molded Hair Slant-hip Toddler
16" Early Kestner #247 Character Doll 1910 J.D.K Pristine Original Body
16" German Bisque Doll C.1900 Completely Factory Original
18" Franz Schmidt C1910 Flirty 1295 Fs&C Breather Character Toddler Early Doll
18" Gebruder Heubach Doll # 8192 German Bisque Character Glass Eyed
18" Ooak Art Doll "Caroline 1880" Signed Helen Bullard1967 Hand-carved Wood
18"Early Kestner Bisque Doll #211 Jdk 1910 Character Baby Sleep Eyes Orig Wig
19"Early 168 Kestner Doll /Marked Body/ Original Dress, Brown Sleep Eyes
2 Snow Babies C1930 Kids & Sled
20.5" Early German Composition Glass Sleep/Cloth Body
22 Rare Sitting Nobleman Japanese C.1900
22" Early Martha Chase Cloth Doll C1900 Original Paint, Weighted & Sweet
22" Kestner #211 Jdk C1910 Character Baby Original Skin Wig & Sleep Eyes
23" Early Character Baby Doll C1910 K Star R Simon & Halbig #126 Original Wig
23" Early Folk Art Cloth Doll Ca.1800's Charming Hand-painted Face
23" K R 117a Mein Liebling German Bisque Doll Closed Mouth Perfect Condition
23"Early C1910 K R #126 Character Toddler Naughty Eyes & Smiling Open Mouth
24" 2072 Pouty Closed Mouth Toddler By Bahr & Proschild
24" Early Unis France #301 Original Body & Sleep Eyes, Mohair Wig, Old Fabrics
24" Henrich Handwerck German Bisque Doll With Original Clothes, Brown Sleep Eyes
24" Super-rare C1840 Molded-bonnet China Head Doll Pink-tint Head, Early Body
26" Jdk 257 German Bisque Early Doll Blue Sleep Eyes Circa 1910 Kestner
26" Tete Jumeau Doll C1885 Closed Mouth, Paperweight Eyes Booboo Bargain
30" K R Early German Doll Blue Eyes, Human Hair Wig Composition & Wood Body
4 1/2"Early Black Stocking C1900 "7/0" German All-bisque Factory-original
4-1/4" Early #83 All Bisque Doll 1910 Princess Paper Chest Label Sleep Eyes
4.5" German C1890 All Bisque #5052 Mohair Wig Sleeps
4.5"Early All Bisque Doll "Prize Baby" With Original Chest Label Wig & Box
5 " Early A390m Germany Hesse C1915 All-original Costume, Glass Eyes
7" Early China Doll C1860 Waterfall Lady Original Body & Outfit Up Swept Hair
7" Early Kestner Wrestler All Bisque Doll Swivel Head 4 Strap Shoes,Sleep Eyes
8 " Very Early Early King-wise Man 1800-1840 Wax German Cr Che Figure Orig
8 Gebruder Heubach Twin Baby-body Boys C.1910
8" All Bisque Early Glass Eyed Doll Kestner 208-6 Molded Socks & Shoes
8"Early Gebruder Heubach Laughing Child C1910 Factory Original Clothes
9" Bisque Kewpie 1915 Heart & Circle Label Moving Arms Signed O'neill
9" Early K Star R Doll C1890 Early "L" Mark Glass Sleep Eyes, Two Strap Shoes
9" Early Poured-wax & Wood C1880 Archangel All-original Silk & Brocade Costume
9" Painted Bisque Asian Toddler Doll,German, W. Original Queue & Clothes
9" X 11 " Goodwin C1870 Boy On Tricycle Key Wind All-original & Rare
9-3/4" Early Papier-mache Doll C1850 Milliner's Model-old Outfit
9.5" Early Peg Wooden Doll C1840 Tuck Comb Original Earrings & Silk Clothing
All Bisque Brown Glass Eyes 1900
All Bisque German Black Stockings
All Bisque German Brother And Sister
All Bisque German Mystery Doll
All Bisque Glass Sleep Eyes Mohair Wig Orig Box
All Bisque Kestner Biscuit Babies Original Box
All Bisque Kestner Googly Jointed Elbow And Jointed Knee
All Bisque Mignonette
All Bisque Simon & Halbig Long Black Socks 4 Strap Shoes
Armand Marseille Size 0 Googly Top Knot 240
Beautiful Black 10" Early German Bisque K & R #126 All Original,Choice Example
Bisque French First Series Portrait Jumeau Blue Spirel Threaded Paperweight Eyes
Bisque French Jumeau Depose E 9 J Bebe
Bisque German Gebruder Heubach Googly
Bisque German Kestner 167
Bisque German Kley&Hahn Character Baby
Bisque German Mein Liebling Simon & Halbig
Bisque German Simon & Halbig C.M.Bergman
Bisque Jules Steiner French Mama Papa
China Half Doll Pierrot Art Deco
China Head Abg Kinderkopf Pink-tint
China Head Blond Bangs And Curls Blue Eyes Molded Boots
China Head Conta & Boehme Front Brushstrokes Exposed Ear
China Head Flat Top Antique Body & Underwear
China Head Kestner Covered Wagon Sausage Curls
China Head Original Goldsmith Body, Limbs, Corset
China Head Peg Wooden Body
China Head Waterfall
China Highland Mary Original Body
China Leather Body Child
Chinese Bisque Head Boy Glass Sleep Eyes Breather Nose
Cloth Folk Art Primitive
Cloth France Depose Flapper Face
Cloth Kathe Kruse Frog Hand Signed Foot
Cloth Lenci 1925 Djin Genie
Cloth Lenci C1930
Cloth Lenci Henretta
Cloth Nora Wellings "Norene" Mexican Girl
Cloth Raggedy Ann And Andy
Cloth Russian Tea Cozy
Cute 18.5" C1914 K R 126 Slant Hip Toddler Character Doll Original Wig
Darling 27" Kestner 211 "Sammy" Jdk German Bisque Early Character Doll
Depose Sfbj Key Wind Walking Doll Roulet Et Decamps
Early 11" Stunning Bru B B Brevete Bisque Doll Sz 0 Old Shoes, Original Body
Early 9" Armand Marseille 251/248 German Bisque Doll
Effanbee Composition Bride All Original
English Poured Wax
Fg Fashion All Original
French Bisque 9 Over Ej Bebe Jumeau Blue Paperweights
French Bisque Bebe Henri Alexandri
French Bisque Bru June R In Box
French Bisque Closed Mouth Tete Jumeau
French Bisque Eden Bebe Paris Depose
French Bisque Fg Mechanical With Nodder Donkey & Cart
French Bisque Poupee Blampoix Early Pale Bisque
French Bisque Pr Sfbj 60 Paris Original Body
French Bisque Sfbj 235 Character Boy Doll Solid Dome
French Bisque Sfbj 301 Paris
French Bisque Sfbj Military Gentlemen Character Doll
French Bisque Sfbj Paris 11
French Bisque Tete Jumeau Original Dress & Shoes
French Fashion Barrios
French Fashion Bru Poupee Early C.1870
French Fashion Jumeau
French Fashion Jumeau Countess Stamped Jumeau Body
French Fashion Original Costume W/ Provenance
Fulper Bisque Head Baby Doll Made In Usa
Gebruder Heubach Googly
Gebruder Heubach Laughing German Bisque
Georgene Beloved Belindy Mammy To Raggedy Ann Cloth
German All Bisque
German All Bisque Kestner 150/6
German Bisque
German Bisque Armand Marseille
German Bisque Armand Marseille "Billie"
German Bisque Armand Marseille 251 Character
German Bisque Armand Marseille 390
German Bisque Armand Marseille Asian Baby Solid Dome
German Bisque Armand Marseille Character
German Bisque Armand Marseille Dutch Girl
German Bisque Armand Marseille Googly
German Bisque Bahr & Proschild Character
German Bisque Black Mammy Nanny & White Baby Gebruder Kuhnlenz
German Bisque Black Mammy Original Clothes Original Wig
German Bisque Bonnie Babe Georgene Averill
German Bisque Breather Doll Heubach Koppelsdorf
German Bisque Bruno Schmidt Tommy Tucker
German Bisque C.1920 Sweet Boy
German Bisque Catterfelder Puppenfabrik Character Doll
German Bisque Character Boy
German Bisque Character Kammer And Reinhardt Marie 101
German Bisque Character Peter K R
German Bisque Character Simon Halbig
German Bisque Character Toddler
German Bisque Dressed As Young Lad Closed Mouth
German Bisque Dutch Dolls Herm Steiner
German Bisque Floradora
German Bisque Gebruder Heubach Googly Toddler
German Bisque George Borgfeldt Marked Gb
German Bisque Googly
German Bisque Googly Armand Marseille
German Bisque Googly Just Me Armand Marseille
German Bisque Half Doll With Mask Arms Away Yes She Is 7"
German Bisque Handwerck Bebe Cosmopolite
German Bisque Handwerck Dolly Face Doll
German Bisque Heinrich Handwerck Character Child
German Bisque Heinrich Handwerck Stamped Body
German Bisque Heubach Character Doll
German Bisque Jdk Hilda Character Kestner
German Bisque K R 101 Marie
German Bisque K R 126
German Bisque K&W Baby Doll
German Bisque Kestner
German Bisque Kestner 171 Large
German Bisque Kestner All Bisque
German Bisque Kestner All Bisque 4strap Boots Glass Sleep Eyes
German Bisque Kestner Bride And Groom
German Bisque Kestner Character
German Bisque Kestner Character 129
German Bisque Kestner Character Child
German Bisque Kestner Character Jdk 226
German Bisque Kestner Closed Mouth
German Bisque Kestner Closed Mouth Solid Dome Baby
German Bisque Kestner Fur Eyebrows
German Bisque Kestner Hilda
German Bisque Kestner Jdk 214 Dolly Face
German Bisque Kestner Solid Dome Head
German Bisque Kley & Hahn 549 Character
German Bisque Koenig & Wernicke
German Bisque Lori Baby Swaine & Co
German Bisque Pouty Kestner Closed Mouth
German Bisque Simon & Halbig 1296 Character
German Bisque Simon & Halbig Character
German Bisque Simon & Halbig Character Child Starfish Hands
German Bisque Simon & Halbig Closed Mouth
German Bisque Simon & Halbig Closed Mouth Child
German Bisque Simon & Halbig Key Wind Toddler Works
German Bisque Simon Halbig Character 1305
German Bisque Simon Halbig Flapper
German Bisque Simon Halbig Freddie
German Bisque Simon Halbig Freddie #1428
German Bisque Solid Dome Belton Doll Closed Mouth
German Bisque Turned Head Mystery Doll
German Bisque Twin Brother & Sister Factory Original Outfits
German Bisque Walking Doll Armand Marseille
German Frozen Charlie China Bathing Doll Large Size
German Milliner's Model Paper Mache
German Parian Child Simon Halbig Molded Collar
Greiner Papier Mache
Huge 10" Early Kestner C1890 All Bisque Doll #150-5 Molded Socks & Shoes
Just Me C1929 Googly Eyes
Kathe Kruse "Du Mein" Baby Doll
Kathe Kruse Sand Baby Doll
Kestner #221 Googly 1910 Brown Sleep Eyes
Kestner 150 Pink Socks Boo Boo Bargain
Kestner All Bisque W. Trunk & Orig. Wardrobe
Kestner With Marked Body Really Pretty Excellent Condition
Kewpie Huggers Rose O'neil
Kley & Hahn German Bisque Character 549
Lenci Cloth Henriette
Lenci Cloth Shirley Temple
Lenci Cloth' Milano Lombardia
Lenci Felt Hoops & Stick Toys For Play All Original
Musical Pull-toy Bisque-head Clown, Drum & Cymbals
Nippon Bisque Breather Doll
Paper Mache Milliners Model Spanial Ringlet Curls Bun
Papier Mache German Milliners Model Long Curls
Papier Mache Shoulderhead Threaded Blue Glass Eyes
Papier-mache Milliner's Model
Parian Abg Alt Beck & Gottschalk Original Cloth Body
Parian Child Glass Eyes Unknown Maker
Parian Doll Head Cobalt Blue Eyes Flange Neck
Parian Shoulderplate Braided Hair Extremely Rare
Petite 15"Early Kestner Ca. 1900 Gibson Girl Doll Sleep Eyes,Orig. Mohair Wig
Poured Wax Sleep Eyes
Pretty 25" Early Shoulderhead Abg German Bisque Doll 24g 10 Sweet Bonnet
Pretty 40 German Bisque 79 Heinrich Handwerck
Primitive Cloth Oil Painted Face
Rare 12" Kestner #178 Painted Eye Character Doll Ball Jointed Body C.1900-1910
Rare 21" German Bisque Simon & Halbig 530 Doll Sleep Eyes
Schoenhut Doll Mary Had A Little Lamb Set With School Desk,Lamb
Schoenhut Wooden "Maggie & Jiggs" Comic Strip Characters
Tin Head Minerva Germany C.1900-1920
Wax Creche Neapolitan C1850
Wood Schoenhut #19/314
Wood Schoenhut 301
Wood Schoenhut Boy 405

Artist Dolls
Dollhouse Furniture / Miniatures
Steiff Mohair Teddy Bear Antique Raised Script Button
Terri Lee Pat. Pend. Girl Scout Uniform Rhumba Panty Tags& Box
Vintage Dolls
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9" Pitkin & Brooks American Brilliant Cut Glass Bowl
9" Pitkin & Brooks American Brilliant Cut Glass Bowl
$395 USD Offer

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