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#172 Gibson Girl Doll C1900 By Kestner
10" Petite Early Character Doll Dip By Swain & Co. Orig. Clothes & Stamp
11.5" Early Papier-mache Milliner's Model Doll 1840 Spaniel Ears & Braided Bun
11.5" Gebruder Heubach Whistler Character "8774" German Doll
12" Early Simon & Halbig #151 Painted-eye Character Fully Jointed Body
13-1/2" Glass Eyed K R Character Kaiser Baby Doll With Blue Glass Sleep Eyes
14" Early Bisque Gebruder Heubach Doll # 9457 Aged Old Lady Princess Angeline
14" Madame Alexander 1956 Little Women Set With Marme Ex,Condition All Original
15-1/2" Rare Pouty Mark "500.G8h" C1926 German Character In Early Doll Clothes
16" Early Conta & Boehme Circa 1870's China Doll Large Braids Encircle Head
16" Early Effanbee C1931 Patsy Joan Compo. Doll All-original Vintage Dress
16" Terri Lee C1953 In Snowsuit 6 Piece Royal Blue & Cream Complete, Tag In Hat
16" Terri Lee Doll C1953 School Dress In Box Label, Factory Curls & Satin Bows
16" Vintage Hard Plastic Terri Lee Doll In Sun Suit With Platinum Hair
17-1/2" 45 Cm Kathe Kruse Hampelschatz 1950's Painted Cloth W. 3 Seams In Back
18" Early Brazil Felt Lenci Doll C1930 Bahia Girl Black Wooly Wig & All Orig
1830 Milliners Model Papier Mache Doll
1891 Cloth Columbian Doll Marked Body
19"Early 168 Kestner Doll /Marked Body/ Original Dress, Brown Sleep Eyes
1910 German Bisque Doll Incised "Sunshine Baby" By Louis Wolf & Co
20" 1950's Cissy Doll Tagged Black Traveling Suit & Rhinestone Accents Alexander
20" 1950's Red Head Cissy Doll By Madame Alexander White Jacket ,Red Skirt, Hat
20" 1957 Cissy Doll #2141 In Navy Taffeta Sleeveless Dress White Organdy Cape
20"Early German Bisque K R 126 Baby Doll Orig Mohair Wig Beautiful Clothes
22" Early Simon & Halbig Doll C1910 S & H 570 Human Hair Wig & Stamped Body
22" Very Beautiful Vintage Raynal Cloth Doll W. Big Red Bow In Hair, Mohair Wig
23" Character Baby Doll C1910 K Star R Simon & Halbig #126 Original Wig
25" Early Hertel Schwab #150 German Bisque Baby Doll, H.H. Wig, Sleep Eyes
26" French Sfbj 301 Paris Early Doll With Blue Sleep Eyes, Orig. H.H.Wig Dress
27" Closed Mouth Tete Jumeau Doll Blue Paperweight Eyes, Signed Body
28" German Bisque K R 121 Doll Blue Sleep Eyes, Slant Hip Toddler Body
34" 1907 French Bisque Jumeau Doll, H.H. Wig & Cork Pate
34" Art Deco Cloth Boudoir Lady Doll Floral-print Exotic & Dramatic
4 1/2" Early Black Stocking C1900 "7/0" German All-bisque Factory-original
4" Early All-bisque Germany C1925 Bye-lo Baby Doll Presentation Basket & Dress
7" China Doll C1860 Waterfall Lady Original Body & Outfit Up Swept Hair
7" Compo. Alexander Honeyette Doll C1940 Tiny Betty
8" All Bisque Early Glass Eyed Doll Kestner 208-6 Molded Socks & Shoes
8" Early German Bisque Franz Schmidt Doll Incised S & C 3/0 Victorian Dress
8.5"Early Porcelain Frozen Charlie Bathing Doll C1880 Grey Eyes & Brown Hair
8.75" Early Sewing Pin Cushion Or Candy Container 1900 German Lady, All Orig
9"Early Bisque Googly With Top Knot C1914 Gebruder Heubach With Square-mark
Alexander 1955 Bkw Wendy Loves To Waltz Special Hairdo & Satin Purse
All Original Kestner Doll "192" Sleep Eyes Silk Dress Beautiful
Artist Elisabeth Pongratz
Bathing Beauty
Bathing Beauty C1915 Reclining Young Woman
Biedermeier China Doll
Bisque #169 Kestner Doll Closed Mouth Pouty Bj Body
Bisque Bathing Beauty Doll 1920
Bisque Bathing Beauty Doll C1920
Bru Doll C1870 French Fashion W.Swivel Neck & Lovely 1870 Costume
C1914 K R 126 Slant Hip Toddler Character Doll
China Head
China Head Doll C1870 Piles Of Sausage Curls, Vintage Body
China Head Doll Late 1850's Beautiful Gown, Corset, & Molded Boots
Closed Mouth Tete Jumeau Doll Marked Head & Body Cork Pate
Cloth Lenci
Composition Ideal
Dep Jumeau Bebe' Doll Open Mouth Blue Eyes Original Body
Early 16" Armand Marseille 1894 German Bisque Character Doll
Early 25" C1910 Heubach Kopplesdorf Character Girl #250.6. Original Chemise
Early 27.5" Simon & Halbig "5" German Bisque Doll Character Sweet Eyelet Dress
Factory Original 1936 Rare Ideal 20'' Flirty Eye Baby Shirley Temple Doll Clean
Folk Art
French Bisque
French Bisque Automaton
French Bisque Fashion
French Bisque
French Doll C1880 Tete Jumeau Bebe Signed Head & Body, Blue Eyes
French Fashion
French Fashion Doll
French Fashion Doll C1870 Unusual Face With Swivel-neck
French Fashion Doll C1875 Jumeau "2" Cobalt Eyes Original Wig Kid
French Fashion Rohmer
French Poured Wax 1st Communion Doll Candy Container C1910 Nice
Gebruder Heubach Laughing Child C1910
German Bathing Beauty Doll C1920
German Bisque
German Bisque Character
German Bisque Googly
German Bisque Mein Liebling
German Bisque
Glass Eyed Doll Darling Flapper Lady Face Candy Container C1920 Silk Boudoir
Half Doll China
Hard Plastic
Have One To Sell Sell It Yourself Details About 9" Alexander C1939 Little Betty Scotch A-94 Tag, Ex In Box Wrist-tag Composition
Heubach Kopplesdorf C1910 Black #399 Character Doll
Huge 16" Rare Early Jtd All-bisque C1920 Baby Doll #243-36 Smiling Face
Jumeau French Fashion Doll
K R #126 Character Toddler Naughty Eyes
K R 117a Mein Liebling German Bisque Doll Closed Mouth Perfect Condition
K Star R Doll C1890 Early "L" Mark Glass Sleep Eyes, Two Strap Shoes
Kestner #130 All Bisque Doll C1890 In Orig.Box "Biscuit Babies"
Kestner 211 "Sammy" Jdk German Bisque
Kestner All Bisque 1880s Wrestler
Kestner Bisque Doll #211 Jdk 1910 Character Baby
Kestner C1890 All-bisque Doll #150-5 Molded Socks & Shoes
Kestner Ca. 1900 Gibson Girl Doll Sleep Eyes,Orig. Mohair Wig
Kestner German Bisque Baby Jean
Kestner Jdk Googlie
Kestner Nun Doll Lovely Early Wool Habit Authentic Circa 1900-1910
Lenci Boy Italy C1930 Castelroto All-original
Lenci Cloth
Lenci Felt Doll C1940 The Kid Of Charlie Chaplin Film Original & Tag
Lenci Fetish Doll Named "Boris" Cossack Character
Nancy Ann Storybook Style Show C1952 Strung Doll Grand Ball
Ooak Art-doll "Caroline 1880" Signed Helen Bullard 1967 Hand-carved Wood
Paper Mache
Paper Mache Milliner's Model
Paper Mache
Papier Mache C1900 Black Moorish Drummer
Parian Child Doll C1880
Pretty 25" Early Shoulderhead Abg German Bisque Doll 24g 10 Sweet Bonnet
Pretty Vintage Madame Alexander Cissy Doll "Ready For A Afternoon Garden Party"
Rare Mary Frances Wood Male Indian Marked Under Foot Pre-skookums
Raynal Cloth Doll C1930 Pouty Face, Signed Raynal Shoes & Necklace
Simon & Halbig #1079 Doll Factory Original Dress Glass Eyes & Wig
Simon & Halbig 1039 Dep 1890 Walking Crying Doll
Terri Lee
Terri Lee In #63og Formal With Cape 1953 Tags Very Excellent & Gold Sandals
Toddler By Bahr & Proschild
Unis France #301 Bisque Doll
Vintage Lenci 1940s Bc Series Girl & Duckling All-original P.F.20 Tag & Box
Vogue Strung Ginny In 1952 Rich Uncle Suitcase #828 Trousseau 36-pc Original
Wax Creche
Yankee Cigar Majorette Dated 1941 Margit Nilsen Counter Store Display & Base

Doll Furniture
Doll Houses, Miniatures
Early Rubber Circa 1800's
French Bisque
German All Bisque
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SOLD 3 ½" RARE Early German Bisque BLUNDERBOO KEWPIE Action Kewpie, © & Signed
SOLD 3 ½" RARE Early German Bisque BLUNDERBOO KEWPIE Action Kewpie, © & Signed

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