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16th Century Bag Purse
18th Century Purse Reticule
18th Century Wig Pin
Beadwork Bead Work Bag Purse Reticule
Beadwork Coin Purse
Black Forest
Black Forest Dog Carving
Book Of Common Prayer
Brass Jardiniere Planter
Brass Trivet
Buckles Paste
Chatelaine, Sewing
Children's Tin Plate
Cigar Case
Devotional Religious Icon
English Apprentice Miniature Rocking Chair
Figural Chimney Ornament
French Box Casket
French Bronze Plaque
French Display Stand
French Snuff Box
French Trinket Dish
Georgian Candlesticks
Georgian Purse
Georgian Reticule Purse
Georgian Scent Box Perfume Box Toilet Box
Georgian Shoe
Georgian Shoe Buckles
Masonic Glass Gavel
Match Holder Go To Bed Spill Holder
Mother Of Pearl
Multi Seal Wheel Seal
Napoleon Iii Box
Needlework Sewing Etui Set
Paste Buckle
Perfume Scent Bottle
Prattware Pot Lid
Purse Reticule
Scent Bottle
Scent Bottle Perfume Bottle
Shoe Buckles
Silkwork Box
Silver Purse Archery
Snuff Box Tobacco Box
Snuff Mull Snuff Box
Stationery Box
Straw Work Marquetry Knitting Sheath
Straw Work Silk's Case

By Period, Style
18th Century Devotional Painting
18th Century Dressed Print Collage
18th Century Straw Work Marquetry Panel
19th Century Beadwork Embroidery
19th Century Fireman's Helmet
19th Century Optical Toy Egg Peep Show
Antique Georgian Stipple Engraving
Art Nouveau Purse
Edwardian Nelson Commemorative Seal
French 19th Century
Georgian Apprentice Chair
Georgian Bas Relief Plaque
Georgian Cut Paper Watercolor
Georgian Cut Paper Work Pocket Watch Paper
Georgian Embroidery On Paper
Georgian Hair Embroidery
Georgian Mourning Miniature
Georgian Reverse Painted Silhouette
Georgian Sand Painting Sand Picture
Georgian Tinsel Print
Jacobean Carving
Napoleonic Carving
Victorian Miniature Watercolor Painting
Victorian Photograph Picture Frame
Victorian Staffordshire Theatrical Figures
Victorian Tinsel Picture Theatrical Print
Victorian Valentine Card

Folk Art
French Cigar Case
Georgian Pottery
Medical & Scientific
Textiles, Linens
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19th Century French Buttons Set Of Six 1850's
19th Century French Buttons Set Of Six 1850's
$125 USD

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