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About Trinity Antiques

Our Service Pledge
We respond to all orders within 24 hours,we communicate with our purchasers every step of the way.We absolutely guarantee the authenticity of all of our items. We do not clean, restore or misrepresent our items by over enhancing their photographs.We hope our love of each item shines through in our descriptions. We look forward to meeting you.......
About Us

If you are looking for a selection of exceptional antiques combined with excellent customer service and an inspiring, personalized shopping experience, look no further.We consistently rank in the Top 10 most visited Antique shops on Ruby Lane ( there are over 2000 shops!)

Established in 2006, Trinity Antiques is a small family business based in The Cotswolds, England (we have Prince Charles and his Sister Princess Anne living just 20 km away). We search the UK and France for the more unusual antiques, those that are becoming extremely scarce and that appeal to private collectors.....we never offer the ordinary!

Since opening our exclusive Ruby Lane shop in March 2011, we have gained GOLD status and many, many loyal and wonderful global customers see their feedback below. Google tells us that two thirds of our shop visitor's are repeat visitors, an indicator of our excellent customer experience. We are delighted to have safely shipped our antiques all over the world to countries including USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Russia, Australia, Italy and a little closer to home.... the UK. We use brand new, eco friendly packaging materials as our number one priority is your purchase arriving in excellent condition and of course as Antiques are the ultimate Green product, we try as much as possible to maintain these Green credentials.

We have sold our antique items to US Historical homes, international interior designers, movie sets, exhibitions, Museum's and individual specialists, our items have even appeared in a US music video and Country Living Magazine. We also offer unique gifts for very special occasions. We are honored to have been included in the first ever August issue, page 5 of the Ruby Read e magazine. Featured in the Ruby Lane November 2014 edition of Harry Heissmann stylemaker's Top Picks. Also featured in other on line articles such as Stout's Textiles and Trimmings Life Style blog called 'Design Threads' - see our link to them in our favorite links section.

We consistently rank in the TOP 10 most visited antique and fine art shops on the entire site; a huge 'Thank You' to all of our special customers for helping to make this happen.

We include as standard FREE Air registered and insured Worldwide shipping to ANYWHERE in the world! Larger items also ship for FREE via express courier, arriving in mainland US within 2 days (excluding the month of December). The price that you see is the total price that you pay - simple.

Thanks to Paypal we accept many international currencies including the major credit cards, Visa and American Express. Although our prices are advertised in USD, we are happy to invoice you in USD or GBP, just let us know your preference before purchase and of course you can pay in any currency.

Our Layaway plan is extremely popular. If you would prefer to purchase an item on lay away, we make it very easy and of course it is interest free. Why not split the total cost into easy monthly payments for up to 12 months maximum on the higher value items (over $1000) and up to 6 months for items under $500.

We just have to be your number one place to visit for rare and unusual antiques. If you have never purchased on line before, please be assured that your experience with us will be exceptional. Ruby Lane is a premium antiques venue and is the world's largest curated marketplace. They have strict seller requirements to maintain their outstanding customer experience. Relax, grab a cup of tea and start shopping at Trinity Antiques, England.............

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Below are some recent testimonials from our many satisfied clients.

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS - From the last six months

Dear Victoria and Steven, The item arrived today. It's gorgeous and couldn't fit more beautifully into the dollhouse. As always, it's been a pleasure shopping with you and I'll continue to keep my eyes open for future tiny treasures on your website. Mrs K, USA, Jan 2015, repeat customer.

I meant to let you know that it arrived in great shape and very satisfied with it. Gosh, you or someone, does a fantastic job of packing it. I think it took me a half a day to get down to it. Mr W, USA, Jan 2015 repeat customer.

Received the little item Victoria, it's delightful! Thank you so much as always for the beautiful items and wonderful packaging! Mrs G, USA, Jan 2015, repeat customer.

Hi Victoria, I don't think I ever told you how much I like the little item that I received last week...IF I DID...you now know I really like it! Now I just have to decide what I NEED next! I can't believe it got here in two days! Thanks so much! Mrs K, USA, Jan 2015, repeat customer.

Hi Victoria & Co - received my parcel this afternoon containing my lovely little item - so pleased with it. So thank you very much. Mrs B, Australia, Jan 2015 repeat customer.

Hi The item is really lovely. I never thought I'd find one of those! Ms S, UK, Jan 2015, repeat customer.

Dear Victoria, The little pink silk item arrived. It is wonderful!!! Respectfully. Mrs H, USA, Jan 2015 repeat customer

Hello Victoria ~The lovely pair arrived today and I have just unboxed ! They arrived in Perfect condition thanks to your always perfect wrapping :)
They are both delightful ! Love them and the frames are absolutely stunning !!!Thank you so much .Now I will search for a perfect spot for them ! Mrs W, USA, Jan 2015. Repeat customer

hI, Thank you! It has been received. You packaged it wonderfully. But I am upset with myself, bc there were 2 other things in your shop I came very close to buying.....Almost did! And now I wish I had. I should have had them shipped all together....darn it. Ms S, USA, Jan 2015

Hello Victoria -- I am happy to report that the beautiful little item you sent arrived in perfect condition! I planned to put it in my curio, but it seems so strong and obviously fun to use. You have such nice things in your shop,
you can be sure I will stop by every so often. Thanks so much for your wonderful service! Ms T, USA, Jan 2015.

Hello, Just to let you know the item has arrived today safe and sound.
The wrapping was very pretty, it was like having a present. Many thanks Mrs R, UK, Nov 2014.

Hi Victoria - just opened my parcel a few moments ago and am thrilled with the contents. So all in all another very successful transaction and I look forward to more to come. Mrs B, Australia, Nov 2014 repeat customer.

Hello Victoria, the little item arrived yesterday, thank you! That was very quick. I think it's lovely, absolutely beautiful, a real treasure. Mrs P, USA, Nov 2014.

Victoria, they r~ both perfect thanks to your superb packing :) I love both of them ! Mrs W, USA, Nov 2014 repeat customer.

Dear Victoria, The beautiful item arrived today. It was packaged with care and beautifully wrapped. The item is gorgeous and I will enjoy wearing it!
Thank you so much! Mrs T, Canada, Nov 2014.

Dear Victoria, As usual, my choices exceeded my expectations, it was like
Christmas here today! Thanks again. Mrs H, Germany, Nov 2014,repeat customer.

Dear Victoria, we have just been busy unpacking our two latest purchases from your wonderful shop.We are absolutely enchanted with both of them
As always both items were packed so carefully (and elegantly) and you
clearly put so much effort and care in the packing, and were so generous in sending both of them via Special Delivery.We just cannot thank you enough and we are already looking forward to our next special purchase from your unique shop. Mr S, UK, Oct 14, repeat customer.

Hi Victoria, The lovely little dinky item came today! Only a week to get here! I absolutely love it! It is so sweet. I must find the perfect spot for it, so it came be appreciated at its best! You have such wonderful listings! Mrs K, USA, Oct 14, repeat customer.

Dear Victoria, Really, it's just too sweet, I love it. I put it on a little stand on my vanity...perfect! Mrs H, Germany, Sept 14, repeat customer.

Oh Victoria .... I've just sat down to unwrap them and I don't even know what to say about these !!!! I had no idea they would be THIS amazing .... Unreal. Once again ,thank you for sharing your treasures with me. Mrs W, USA, Sept 14, repeat customer.

As usual, I love everything! Thanks so much for your safe packaging and wonderful items! Mrs K, USA, Sept 14, repeat customer.

I found Trinity Antiques on RubyLane by accident and immediately purchased two items. I was extremely impressed with (1) the quality of the inventory, (2) the description of the items, (3) the knowledge of the dealer regarding questions I asked, (4) the reasonableness of the prices for quality items, (5) the friendliness of the dealer, (6) the quickness of the shipping and receipt thereof to the US, and (7) the inclusion of the shipping in the price listed (even though I realize nothing is free, but it is a nice touch). Mr W, USA, Sept 14

Hi again just received the item it is beautiful thanks so much. Mrs W, USA, Aug 14.

Victoria,The wonderful it arrived in good order with excellent packaging. Thank you for the addition of the gift wrapping and note! I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you again. I look forward to browsing the shop site for other fine items. Mr Z, USA, Aug 14

Dear Victoria, I received the item this morning and I love it! So tender and delicate. The packaging is a joy in itself.Thank you so much. Mrs C, Italy, Aug 14, repeat customer.

Dear Victoria, WOW! What a wonderful surprise! The two precious items are now safely with us and we are just in awe of them, they are simply amazing. So special and precious. They are two real treasures and a pure pleasure to look at.They arrived promptly and were wonderfully packaged. It was so kind of you to accommodate our request as to delivery date and of course to let us buy them on a layaway plan.Thank you as always for sourcing so beautiful things and for making each visit to your shop a delightful experience. Mr S, UK, Aug 14, repeat customer.

Hello Victoria - I just wanted to let you know that the item arrived today - She is gorgeous!!! Thank you again - It has been a pleasure dealing with you. Mrs K, USA, Aug 14.

The item is absolutely beautiful ! As always, your packing was perfection !!!
Thank you so much ! Mrs W, USA, Aug 14, repeat customer.

The pieces are wonderful. Today, Saturday, I'm making a space on my dresser to display it. So I'm very excited! Keep doing what you're doing. You're so good at choosing the best pieces. Mrs F, USA, Aug 14, repeat customer.

Thank you for offering us such a wonderful, special item and, as always, for
the excellent quality of your service and the amazing speed of delivery.You really spoil your customers! Mr S, UK, Aug 14, repeat customer.

Hello Victoria The little item is perfect - thank you very much indeed. Mrs L, UK, July 14.

The item has arrived at me in best condition. Greetings. Mr F, Germany, July 14

I received my items today and love them. Thank-you for the great service.
Ms S, Canada, July 14

Hi Victoria,The package was delivered on Friday, which was perfect since I had the day off and was at home to receive it. I just love this one, the
colors are wonderful! Mrs H, Germany, July 14, repeat customer.

Arrived exactly on time!!! Thank you for another amazing item. It is just gorgeous and we thank you for the time extension. I really appreciate it given the beauty of the item. Your packaging, as always, was brilliant. Your record of "no breaks" still stands. Even more astonishing when other customers realise we are from Australia. Our walls are packed with your items. Such an amazingly kind business. We cannot thank you enough. Mrs A, Australia, July 14 repeat customer.

I’ve just unpacked the parcel and I’m delighted with the item! I’ve never bought anything like this online before because photos can make things look better than they actually are, but certainly not in this case. I’ll keep an eye on your website for future purchases. Mr T, UK, July 14.