We love when you get lucky! Welcome to the Treasures Chest!

About Treasures Chest

Our Service Pledge
We respond to all orders within 24 hours, we guarantee the authenticity of all our items, etc.
About Us
This is our first online respresentation and we are glad that finally we have done it.

My family is involved in antiques and vintage collectables for more then 3 generations. To this moment we mainly sell our collections on antique/vintage trade fairs here in Europe, but now we think that is time to enlarge our horizons with creating this shop for you.

Our goal is to make sure that every single item presented within our selection could bring value and uniqness to your collection.

We pledge our service to our clients with only purpose to deliver quality items with interesting history and authentic charm.

We pack each item with a lot of care, so please do not worry that something would be broken or damaged due to bad packing.

We also think that we could safe you a lot of costs for some of the items that you buy from us by offering you our “Welcome to the Treasures chest ” transport cost free service.
We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the “hunting bug” without worrying so much how much it will cost.

For now on we will present you with a new selection of items every week so stay tuned and WELCOME TO THE TREASURES CHEST!!!