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About Treasure In Earthen Vessels

Our Service Pledge
*I will respond to all orders within 24-48 hours.
*If you have any questions do not hesitate to email me.
*Let me know what you need or what you may be looking for if you do not see it.
*Have no fear in negotiating!
*I'm looking for the best way to serve you!
About Us
**My prayers are with all of my customers as well as all the people of South Carolina who have been terribly impacted by the flooding in their state. The devastation many have endured is heart wrenching. Treasure In Earthen Vessels is committed to donating 50% of its income this month and in November to the Red Cross there in South Carolina. Hopefully other shops will rally around the Palmetto State during this difficult time. Keep the faith South Carolina! Keep the Faith!**

........... Fall is here! Happy October everyone!! .........

Spend your cool days of the Fall season here at 'Treasure In Earthen Vessels'! Enjoy a leisurely stroll down the aisles as we are adding "NEW" items! It's truly so much fun to see what's new! what's collectible! and what suits your needs!

This month of October we will add:

* Beautiful Vintage Ethnic Jewelry including Rings! Necklaces! Bracelets!
* Warm & Cozy Winter Hats!
* Perfume Bottles for romantic allure!

Some items are priced on the higher end and many on the lower. I truly sell an eclectic array of interesting items which may well cover each lane! The excitement of researching and stocking items is a joy. Have a question? Send me an email! Please ask and I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge.

We will attempt to add "NEW" items every DAY!. Don't Miss Out!!!

Treasure In Earthen Vessels
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I know the joy of searching for that perfect gift, or hunting for that next collectible piece or taking a tour of a website and discovering something new and exciting to buy! I want to help bring that same experience to you here at our shop, 'Treasure In Earthen Vessels'.

I do come across a variety of items including vintage jewelry, dolls, glassware, antiques, vintage clothing & accessories and fine art. There is something exciting about each and every item I sell because it represents individual creativity at work!

Retail has forever been a part of my life. I 'assisted' my parents as a child growing up in a family owned new and antique furniture business and stepped out on my own in my very first business as a teenage Avon lady. I have worked many different businesses since then including selling jewelry, baked goods, collectibles and I opened and operated a church thrift-store single-handily. Some of my endeavors met with great success and some with failure. Yet I gained wisdom every step of the way. The greatest wisdom gained? To always provide nothing less than awesome customer service. There is no service without a customer! I will present to you no less than what I would expect for myself as a shopper and as a customer.

I pride myself in being a diligent researcher of the items I sell although I am by no means an expert. However, I will seek to present interesting and quality items for your viewing pleasure.

I'm here for you as I enjoy what I do! Enjoy your shopping experience! : )