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About Us
I have been fascinated with antiques since childhood. At 18 years old, I obtained a dealer's license in my native State of Ohio and became a picker for an antique shop in my home town of North Canton. I continued this job through college and law school,interrupted only by two years in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam conflict. During a 35 year career as an attorney, I bought, collected, and sold antiques and art as a sideline and hobby. Now semi-retired from the practice of law, I can devote most of my time and energy to the study, purchase and sale of antiques and art. My wife Cherie handles the accounting aspects of the business (thank goodness!) We maintain and constantly add to a library of specialist books and auction catalogues,a fact which you will see reflected in the descriptions of our offerings at our Ruby Lane shop. We have a fair-sized inventory of paintings, bronzes, quality paper items such as books and etchings, and a healthy selection on other wonderful old things you will find of interest. We are constantly purchasing additions to our stock. Our selections include Asian, European,and both North and South American treasures. We are excited about our shop at Ruby Lane and hope you will be too!