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I am a modern day perfumer who uses both essential oils and aromatic compounds. I got into bottles researching old perfume formulas. I do not use any petroleum derivatives, animal products or toxic chemicals. I do get my hands on vintage liquid that has not turned, but that is rare. So if it it the original juice in the bottle, I will tell you. If I have revived the original juice, I will tell you. If I have added to the juice, I will tell you. Or, if I have recreated what I believe is to be the first formula, I will tell you that too! No fakes, no pretending I found something so rare and decant it...I keep running into the same person on my searches who claims to have found some liquids so rare and undamaged that this person (I believe to be a perfumer) will sell you some 3 or 5 mil bottles with him/her making no less that 1000$ an oz!!!.
Also know this important information about commercial perfumers. They can change their formulas anytime and are not required to tell you. When perfumes are referred to as "old formula" and "new formula", 999999 out of 1000000 will be changing out more costly ingredients for cheaper ones, such a petroleum derivatives or distillates. Many of these distillates are phthalates which are neuro-toxins and hormone disruptors. Being a member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, I will always put product perfection before profits. This is my pledge to you.