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Antique, Vintage and Designer Purses Dedicated To The Discriminating Collector and Discerning Diva!

About This Old Purse

Our Service Pledge
It is the goal of This Old Purse to provide you with the highest quality, most unique selection of vintage purses.

We respond to all orders within 24 hours unless noted that we are on vacation.
About Us
This Old Purse is a labor of love.

Having been a collector of vintage purses for many years, I have found it has become more and more difficult to find quality vintage purses at affordable prices.

If you have ever purchased a vintage purse at auction and been totally disappointed. If you have ever wondered how the seller could have gotten such marvelous pictures of such an awful item, then this site is for you.

This Old Purse is dedicated to collectors, both beginning and advanced.

My aim is to provide a wide variety of vintage purses in all price ranges, with exceptional value as a common thread.

Additionally, I look to provide the collector with a selection that is both unique and desirable. You will find purses here that are quite uncommon.

I have received so many requests from my customers to carry the more "modern vintage" bags. I have decided to add some beautiful vintage designer bags such as Leiber, di Camerino (my personal favorite), Hermes, Gucci, Pucci and Chanel. It has been a lot of fun for me to research and learn about these wonderful bags and I am happy to offer them in my store as well as the lovely collectors bags. Please look for them over the next few weeks!


This Old Purse DOES NOT SELL REPLICAS! All vintage designer bags have been authenticated in one of three ways:
1. I know where they came from.
2. I can authenticate them through my own acquired knowledge
3. I have sent them to My Poupette to be authenticated.

Rest assured that you will be purchasing an original bag!

Condition Assessment Chart

While I sell many wearable items, I sell just as many items that are collectors pieces and, while in excellent condition, are purchased primarily for display. For example, many of the antique beaded figural and scenic purses are in excellent condition but I would not describe them as "wearable". I suppose they could be carried, but many of them have delicate fringe and, as our lives today are not quite as unhurried (for lack of a better word) as the lives of the women who made and carried these purses, it would not seem advisable, even though the purse may be flawless and perhaps never used.

It is for this reason that I have decided to use two condition assessment charts. One with regard to wearability and the other with regard to display. On each item I will display both a Wearability and Display assessment. Please bear with me as I update my existing items. This is a work in progress intended for the benefit of my customers.


PRISTINE/PERFECT: As new, absolutely no flaws or wear
EXCELLENT: Previously worn or used with no notable flaws
VERY GOOD: Worn with minimal noted flaws, needs no repair, wearable
GOOD: Minor wear, noted minor flaws, light repair required or optional
FAIR: Noted flaws, visible wearing, needs repair, will not take repeated wear
POOR: Damaged beyond repair/wear ï¾– Study piece only

Display (Please note that Display objects can obviously be displayed in any condition simply for their historical interest.)

EXCELLENT: No notable flaws, no need for any restoration.
VERY GOOD: Minimal flaws such as deteriorated or stained lining, no unhooked mesh links, very slight chipping of enamel, few if any missing beads.
GOOD: Visible wear, with light restoration suggested but not required. Tiny holes in beadeds, slight enamel loss in mesh and one to two unhooked links.
FAIR: Numerous noted flaws. Restoration suggested for optimum display.
POOR: Damaged beyond a reasonable cost of restoration. Usable for parts or study.

All inquiries are welcomed and encouraged.

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