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Alligator, Silver, Card Case, English
Antique Brass
Antique Covered Hand Blown Glass Bowl
Antique Glass, Biscuit Barrel, Nautical, Anchor
Bank, Cast Iron
Basket, French, Purse, Handbag
Basket, Miniature, Purse, Chinese, Export, Straw
Basket, Woven, Pennsylvania
Bicycle, Lamp, Kerosene, Jewels
Black Forest, German, Jewelry Box, Treen, Trinket Box, Basket Weave, Hand Carved
Bmw & Co., Meat Platter, Serving Dish, Ironstone, Blue & White Transferware
Brass, Candlesticks, Church, Religious
Brass, Clip, Desk Accessory, Hand
Brass, Dutch, Foot Warmer
Brass, English , Letter Seal
Brass, Stirrups
Calling Card Case, Mother Of Pearl
Chinoiserie, Paper Mache, Desk Accessory, Letter Holder
Coffee, Urn, Dutch, Chinoiserie, Pewter, Gilt
Copper Mould, Mold, English, Kitchenalia, Kitchen Tool
Copper, Kitchenalia, Kitchen Collectibles
Copper, Pan, Kitchen, Cooking Tools
Door Stop, Cast Iron, Sailor, Nautical, Fireplace Ornament
English Enamel
English, Brass, Letter Clip, Desk Accessory
English, Brass, Trivet
English, Calling Card Case, Mother Of Pearl, Tortoise, Desk Accessory
English, Copper Mould, Mold, Kitchenalia
English, Copper, Mould, Mold, Kitchen
English, Oak, Candle Box, Treen
Fan, Framed, Boxed, Sequins, Cream, Gold, Silk
Fernware, Desk Accessory, Paper Knife, Mauchline
Figural Tape Measure, Coffee Grinder, Brass, Copper, English
French, Basket
French, Bronze, Letter Holder
French, Corkscrew, Wine
French, Handbag, Basket, Purse, Picnic
Games, Cribbage, English, Gameboard
Hand Carved, Angel Wings, Gilt
Hat Box, English, Metal, Tin
Hat, Shabby Chic
Indian, Temple Toy, Horse, Chariot, Bronze
Industrial Metal, Bank Box, Modern
Inkwell, Treen, Hand Blown, Desk Accessory
Italian, Tole, Bowl, Turquoise
Mahogany Tray
Military, Leather
Paper Mache, Tray, English, Hand Painted, Gilt Border
Salter Scale, Brass & Iron
Shagreen, Perfume, French, Box, Caddy
Shaker, Basket, New England, Picnic, Hamper
Tole, Hand Painted, Tin, Wash Basin
Tole, Orange, Candlestick, Primitive
Treen, Desk Accessories, Paper Knife, Letter Opener
Treen, Desk Accessory, Page Turner, Paper Knife
Treen, Kitchenware, Spice Rack, Spice Cabinet, Strawberries
Treen, Letter Opener, Desk Accessory
Treen, Rosewood, Bowl
Treen, Shop, Scoop, Hand Carved, Primitive
Treen, Spill Vase, Barrel

Antique Sewing Basket
Brass, Fire Place, English, Tools, Salesman Sample
Brass, Vesta Case, Matchsafe10
Christmas, Sled, Childrens, Holiday, Iron, Stencil, Sleigh
Clocks, Timepieces
Corkscrew, French, Wine
Door Knobs, Shells, French, Brass, Nautical
English, Brass, Sewing
English, Copper, Kitchenware, Molds
Ivory, Tape Measure
Textiles, Linens
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Art Deco
Basket, Desk Accessory
Bookends, Lions, Desk Accessory
Decorative Arts
Fishing Decoy, Michigan, Ice Fishing, Nautical
Folk Art
French, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Paul Lafon-dupre, Leather
French, Tray, Flowers, Tulips, Floral Arrangement
Holiday, Seasonal
Horse, Equestrian, Book Ends, Cast Iron, Black
Industrial Metal, File Boxes, French
Jug, Pitcher, Ironstone, English
Kitchenware, Wine, Basket, Carrier, French
Maison Prunier, Mathurin Meheut, French, Menu, Nautical, Fishing
Michael Garmin, Diorama
Paintings, Prints
Rigaud, French, France, Paris, Un Air Embaume, Shop Display, Perfume
String Holder, Textiles, Linen, Flowers
Tea Pot, Silver Plated, English
Tea Pots
Treen, Frame
Trophy, Silver Plate, Pitcher, Jug
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SALE Antique English Jam Pot By Taylor Tunicliff & Co, England, Lemons & Flowers
SALE Antique English Jam Pot By Taylor Tunicliff & Co, England, Lemons & Flowers
$100 USD Sale

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