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Antique & Vintage Collectible Fashions In Outstanding Condition. . . Researched for Authenticity

About The Gilded Griffin

Our Service Pledge
The Gilded Griffin proudly only sells items that are in exquisite condition. Most everything in stock is in vintage or antique mint condition unless otherwise noted. Items will not have moth damage...a problem which can prove disastrous to valuable collections. All items are carefully researched and documented.

All items sold through The Gilded Griffin are always authentic. The Gilded Griffin never sells reproductions.

All inventory items are in original, unaltered condition.
About Us
Please do read the genuine customer testimonials below, as well as the résumé behind The Gilded Griffin, so that you may find complete confidence with your purchase. Thank you!

***Please note: All original descriptive text, as well as the original photographs, are registered and copyrighted by JHenri 2010 through 2014. Thank you.



"My name is Robert Skidmore I trained in costume design at Wimbledon School of Art in London and work in many aspects of wardrobe for film and television in the UK.

I am an avid collector of historic costumes from the 1900's through to the 1950's and own a vintage clothing shop called Berties, based in Shropshire in the UK.

I have bought many Items from Julia at The Gilded Griffin which have all been completely authentic as described and in superb condition, much better than anything I have discovered in the United Kingdom.

I have no hesitation in recommending her products and her wonderful service.”

Robert Skidmore.
BA Hons costume design
Berties Vintage, Shropshire England



"Dear Julia
The post lady just delivered my Edwardian muff and the vintage
1940's hat. I am speechless at their beauty. I am like a child
given several much-wanted gifts. They were wrapped to perfection
and arrived in perfect condition along with your most gracious
note. They are exactly as described and I cannot wait to use
them. Too bad I still do not have the hobble skirt I had in the
1940s. Thank you so very much."

Pearland, Texas



"I am happy to write a reference for you, Julia. Of course I received 1920s flapper's hat as well as the fine antique bonnet right on time and as I expected. Each were wrapped beautifully and shipped like works of fine art. It is unusual to find such care in packaging in my experience from online buying over the years.

I also will say that the flapper's cloche was outstanding. It was indeed exactly as you described it down to the tiny problem with the lining and the sizing was exact as well so when I copy this for my theatrical costumes, it will all go just fine.

The bonnet is just incredible and has landed in a display case in my reference library at home. It is beautiful sitting under the huge glass dome. I had a dinner party the other night and even the guys were talking about it.

I will return as your customer Julia and until then I'll enjoy reading your well researched descriptions. Looking forward to your upcoming publications and the book! Please keep me informed when it comes out because I'll be first in line to buy one!"

Seattle, Washington



"It arrived today!! I want to tell you beautiful and sweet it is. More so that
I even imagined now that it is in my hands and on my head! It is as though I
might have worn it in another life and just now it has returned to me!! It
fits perfectly and is the only hat that has ever looked good on me. I will
wear it, treasure it, and is a family heirloom as of now.

Please know it will be worn lovingly all through the summer and also travel
with me to Abu Dhabi where we will spend the coming academic year.

I'll be certain to check your unique site often and recommend it to friends.
Your store seems to be one of a kind."

Washington D.C.



"I am out of my mind with disbelief as to how perfect this cloche is.
When you say "vintage mint" condition you are not joking around! I have never owned an antique hat before that is this beautiful. What can I say but that we are amazed, Julia. I have already showed it to several people and it is going to be one of those featured in our exhibit about Art Deco fashions that we are planning and with any luck, it might even be in the advertising. If so, I'll be sure to let you know. I'm really just so pleased. I have to add that in comparison to others I've bought over the years, this cloche is well worth the money. There is often at least something small wrong with the others we've ordered from other places. Usually dealers let me know if there's a stain or damage but often, it is a shot in the dark. This cloche is way beyond those. You'll hear from us again and I can promise that! Thanks again. I will write if we come up with any questions and thanks for all your great help with that too. Have a great weekend!"

New York City, New York



"J'ai commandé le Schiaparelli de mes rêves qui est arrivé juste à temps pour ma fête d'anniversaire."

Paris France



"Just writing to say thank you. I would have ideally wanted a hat without a face veil but you really convinced us otherwise for this commercial. I have never purchased a vintage or antique fashion piece of clothing in such great condition. Your descriptions are accurate and to to be commended. Best of luck with your shop!”

New York, New York



"Julia, I received the hat and it is lovely!
Thank you for your communication and attention to detail. I do
appreciate your generous use of the acid-free tissue; I use it
myself and know how expensive it is. Best regards!"

Ottawa Ontario



"Hi Julia, I just wanted to let you know that I safely received the snood today and it is just perfection! I didn't think it was possible but it's even more adorable in person; I love it so much! Thank you so much for the wonderful shopping experience and of course your beyond excellent service! Also, thank you for your lovely note and packing the snood so securely and with such care! I look forward to the next available opportunity of shopping with you again! :) With Warmest Regards!

Portola, California



"Sure I'm glad to write a testimonial for your shop, Julia! When my mother and I were planning the (benefit function in San Diego), we thought that a vintage theme would be fun. I have never had such a beautiful hat in all my life! It was hysterical to wear that big hat and the stylist wanted to know where I got it!"

Saratoga, California



"LOVE THEM! (The shoes are)...just a tiny bit too big which is better than too small. My husband says I can't wear them anywhere but in our 1952 Plymouth and out to dinner. (no walking around). They are as beautiful as your handwriting! Thank you very much, good job.

Denver Colorado



"...Thank you for asking me to write a testimonial....
...Online buying can be a risk but The Gilded Griffin never disappoints.
I know my purchases from them will be just as I expect."

Vancouver British Columbia



"Happened on The Gilded Griffin site while hunting for cut steel
jewellery on Ruby Lane. Soooo glad I did. Bought absolutely gorgeous
1930s hat: very fine condition (straw, horsehair and flower garnishes
all as new); excellent value for money; carefully/thoughtfully
dispatched in complimentary archival wrap and accompanied by care
instructions so that it arrived intact and I can enjoy wearing it and
store it properly. Julia's follow up email to check all well is
excellent customer service. Have bookmarked her shop for easy return
visits. Husband very worried about joint bank account. Regards."

Sydney Australia



"If we weren't leaving for vacation the end of this month I would've purchased three more! Julia I wanted to let you know that I recently attended two weddings and at each one, I wore the vintage hats that I purchased from you.

The first was the black 1950's with pink roses. I received compliments ranging from sublimely beautiful to oh! what southern elegance. The second one was the 1930's Cartwheel hat with that great Los Angeles Hollywood label. Everyone asked "Wow!" and always a "Where in the world do you find your hats?"

However, the best compliments come from my husband. He may say, "That hat looks great on you," but his best compliment is "Aren't you going to wear one of your hats?" and sometimes he says, "Is that the hat I bought?" Honestly, when I hear that, because he says this while giving me his irresistible cockeyed smile that I love so very much, well Julia, I know I've hit a home run!

This praise and acclaim I've written here is earned through your excellent service, attention to detail, and superior product, and this is certainly an endorsement to your hard work! Thank you!!”

Auburn New York



"...please consider this my applause for such a great hat. I would have spent twice the money for this here. It becomes hat number 397 in my collection. It is quite right when as you called this a vintage gem!

New York City, New York



"The Gilded Griffin ressemble au vide grenier idéal en-ligne pour retrouver les trésors de nos grand-mères. Les délais de livraison ont été respectés."

Bordeaux France



"Oh I have to write to say that all of your hats are so terrific, it has been really hard for me to decide which to buy especially with this year's budget for collecting. I have to say that your photography is spectacular too--I keep all the pictures in my files for safe keeping!

I'm so glad that I decided on the 1890's Parisian afternoon chapeau because of the intricacy of the hand-worked ecru and pale azure florettes nestled in the veil. When it arrived, it was even more delightful than I imagined, and it was in immaculate but entirely original condition. This was the most expensive one I've ever bought!

Thank you so much for all the times that you have written to me and educated me about what to look for when buying hats. I have really never had so much fun collecting.”

Lexington Kentucky


"The Gilded Griffin's owner has always been accurate in her assessments with everything that I have purchased from her. She is responsible and reliable whenever I have had questions or needed to work with her on how to best display my collection, or add to it, or how to restore something. I trust her. The packaging is incredibly well done and nothing is ever damaged when it arrives. She even provides acid free tissues and a bag free of charge! That's something you won't find elsewhere!"

San Jose California


**********WHO IS THE GILDED GRIFFIN?*************

The Gilded Griffin, owned by Julia Henri, specializes in historical antique and vintage millinery, fashion accessories and clothing...all in exceptional and outstanding condition, most with provenances.

This shop also occasionally features luscious textiles, unusual or rare antiquarian books, illustrations, prints, photographs and ephemera relating to the history of the American fashion industry.

The Gilded Griffin proudly offers well-researched treasures. We take pride in fully documented descriptions that sometimes have taken hours, even days, to properly research. Each item is professionally photographed so that you may keep a trusted, accurate record of your purchase...a record that can be passed down to future generations.

Condition is the greatest factor in determining the value of any collection or collectible item. This is true regardless of how rare any antique or vintage collectible might be.

The Gilded Griffin stands behind the outstanding condition of all the items offered for sale here. Nearly everything in our inventory is in mint or near mint condition. On occasion, we will drop down to what is considered "excellent" condition...but we guarantee that you will not find moth eaten hats nor shattered silk that is beyond conservation repair efforts here. No, indeed.

Authenticity is absolutely required at The Gilded Griffin. You will never find reproductions here of any kind. Absolutely not.

Most items come directly from estates, auctions or from discerning, high-end private collections. At times, we might handle museum de-acquisitions. A great percentage of The Gilded Griffin’s inventory has never been on the market since it was originally sold decades, or even centuries, ago...with items coming directly from a family member or old family estate.

Each item is authentic and unaltered. 
Each item offered to you is in original condition, as found. We do not replace ribbons, buttons or decorations to make something look better, older or in any way different from how it was originally designed. All items are sold as found, and any discerning collector or museum conservator will agree that this is best way to create a valuable, worthwhile collection.

Julia Henri is the owner of the Gilded Griffin. Her résumé began with undergraduate studies at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music in classical violoncello and piano performance. After putting aside a career in music, she attended Massachusetts College of Art where she studied design and illustration. Her education lead to a successful career in the arts, as owner of her own art studio both in New England as well as the San Francisco Bay area.

Julia is also a journalist and author, who has been published in a variety of newspapers and magazines. She is presently completing two book projects, including a non-fiction work covering three centuries of women's millinery history.

Over time, Julia has apprenticed to and worked with some of the finest antiques dealers. Foremost, was the invaluable opportunity to work for Mr. George Goodspeed, who owned the venerable Goodspeed's Book Shop, once located at 7 Beacon Street, Boston.

Especially while at Goodspeed's, Julia fell in love with 15th century French, Italian and Flemish illuminated manuscripts. Research studies include invaluable time sketching from, and studying, masterpieces at the Rare Manuscript Department at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris. She remains especially interested in Medieval and Renaissance illuminations.

The Gilded Griffin is an active business member with the Costume Society of America. The CSA is known for academic excellence towards the continuing research and conservation of antiquarian clothing/costume and textiles.

The Gilded Griffin has been in business for nearly 15 years. As for the most recent past, The Gilded Griffin has sold exclusively here on Ruby Lane since 2010.

Please never hesitate to write whether you have questions, comments or concerns. All emails are answered promptly.

It is always a pleasure to hear about your collections and your interests...comments regarding items in stock are always happily received!

Last of all, please be sure to Subscribe to The Gilded Griffin for inventory updates, as well as special notifications and pricing offered exclusively to subscribers. These are anonymous subscriptions, so if you have any questions, please inquire directly to this shop.

Thank you so very much for your interest in The Gilded Griffin! You are appreciated!
Julia Henri
Post office box provided upon request.
Ann Arbor, MI 48106
Phone number provided upon request. Thank you.
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