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I enjoy finding and passing along interesting items. Its fun for me, so I want it to be fun for you!
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I am a long time collector of antique toys, dolls, children's items and anything funky or cool. I have a great network and frequently travel (especially to France!) in support of my habit...if you are looking for something, let me know as I just might be able to find it!

The shop is named after one of my pet pigs, Gilligan, who is white with black spots. The thing about Gilligan is he has a great appreciation for antiques and true vintage items. Several times now he has completely destroyed items of value, passing over cheaper or more common items within clear reach. I have now learned that Gilligan cannot be trusted. But I have also learned that if I am unsure of an item's value, I can wave it in front of the pig. If he tries to eat it, its a fine item and I either keep it or offer it to you. If he snubs it, it goes in the yearly garage sale bin... LOL!!!

PLEASE NOTE: as this is a hobby business, I only ship once a week !!